Body Maintenance (For Fitness Lovers)

A well balanced food keep your body on the shape though you are not working out for a long time.
Suppose you are not working out regularly for 2 weeks or one month.But you want to stay in shape.
So here is the workout routine I am maintaining just now:

Nothing special: Actually I am working out now when I am free.
So in this case I mainly workout 2 days in a week or else.One day for cardio and Other for weight training…Though there is an issue I am facing now for strength also.For being not regular in actual fitness lifestyle sometimes I feel I am losing the strength which I get after weight training.

Preworkout: just like simple carbs and other protein based diets.My goal is no bulking up or shredding just to maintain the physique which I got .That’s it.

Postworkout:Sometimes Tilapia or Chicken Breast piece(depends on availability).Simple carbs and Some veggies.That’s all

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Author: zakilive

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