C code using Euler Method

Problem: Here we have to find dy/dx=x+y where y(0)=1 at the point x=0.05 and x=0.10 taking h=0.05


  1. Start
  2. Define function
  3. Get the values of x0, y0, h and xn
    *Here x0 and y0 are the initial conditions
    h is the interval
    xn is the required value
  4. n = (xn – x0)/h + 1
  5. Start loop from i=1 to n
  6. y = y0 + h*f(x0,y0)
    x = x + h
  7. Print values of y0 and x0
  8. Check if x < xn
    If yes, assign x0 = x and y0 = y
    If no, goto 9.
  9. End loop i
  10. Stop





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