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Solution:Though car consumption means http://www.racq.com.au/cars-and-driving/cars/owning-and-maintaining-a-car/fuel-saving-tips/measuring-fuel-consumption that desribe here’s broadly

The following formula is used to calculate fuel consumption in litres / 100kms, the most commonly used measure of fuel consumption.

Example a car uses 65 litres to travel 500km

(65 X 100) / 500 = 13

(Litres used X 100) / km travelled = Litres per 100km.


but in the problem it is saying that medium of the car consumption with 3 digit after the decimal point so we have just divided the integer x and float y and got the answer. 🙂

int main()
    float x,y,z;
scanf("%d\n %d",&x,&y);
printf("%.3f km/l\n",z);
return 0;


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