C++ Strings

Actually C++ strings are two types

1. Traditional C style character string
2. String class type Introduces in Standard C++

Example of C-style string:


using namespace std;

int main()

char greetings[5]={'H','E','L','L','o'};//here one place is automatically adding by the compiler backslash zero \0

cout<<"Greetings: ";

//we can define this manually to show actually it is working

char greet[5]={'H','M','M','\0'};
cout<<"GREET: ";

return 0;

Some builtin strings function came from language C

strcpy(s1,s2); //copies s2 into s1

strcat(s1,s2);  //concatenates string s2 at the end of the string s1

strlen(s1); //returns the length of the string s1..length means actually size that means how many letters is in the string with white spaces and spaces

strcmp(s1,s2); //returns 0 if s1==s2 s1 and s2 are same if less than 0 s1<s2 and greater than 0 s1>s2

strchr(s1,ch);returns a pointer at the first occurence f character ch in string s1

strstr(s1,s2); //retruns a pointer to the first occurence of string s2 in string s1

Example here:


using namespace std;

int main(){

char str1[10]={"Hello"};
char str2[10]={"Zaki"};
char str3[10];
int doirgho;

strcpy(str3,str1);//copy str1 into str3
cout<<"strcpy: "<<str3<<endl;

cout<<"strcat: "<<str1<<endl;

cout<<"Length: "<<doirgho<<endl;

return 0;

In C++ Standard String Class:

Here we are using the library header #include<string> that is c++ built in header for strings manipulation…


using namespace std;

int main()

string str1="Hello";
string str2="World";
string str3;

int doirgho;

str3=str1;//copy str1 into str3
cout<<"str3: "<<str3<<endl;

//concatening str1 and str2
cout<<"str1+str2: "<<str3<<endl;

//total length of str3 after concatenation
cout<<"str3.size(): "<<doirgho<<endl;

    return 0;

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