Java and Java EE developer

The Java EE developer requires multiple skills (depends on the experience level):

  • Core Java
  • OO Concepts
  • Java Design Patterns (GoF design patterns)
  • Java EE Concepts ( Java EE Enterprise Application tiers knowledge for OCMJEA Certification – MyExamCloud )
  • JSP and Servlets
  • JSF
  • EJB
  • JPA
  • Java Web Services (JAX-RS, JAX-WS)
  • Java EE Design Patterns
  • Application Servers (JBoss, GlashFish, WebSphere..etc)
  • Databases (MySQL, Oracle….SQL queries)
  • UML Diagrams (Use Case, Class, Sequence, Component, Deployment…)
  • Process Knowledge (Agile…)

The Java language is organized based on platform usage. You can start leaning advanced concepts after completing core Java.

Once you are comfortable with all these skills, update your resume with these technologies and search for a Java EE Developer job.

Good luck !


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