Problem 85: Product

Create a structure named Product with following two fields-

1. name (string)
2. price (double)

Then create a function named printProductInfo() which takes a parameter of Product type and print the information of that Product. Finally, in main function create a variable of structure Product named myProduct and call the printProductInfo() function passing myProduct as the parameter.

struct Product{
    char name[20];
    double price;

void printProductInfo(struct Product *pp){
    printf("Enter name: ");
    scanf(" %[^\n]",&pp->name);
    printf("Enter price: ");
    scanf(" %lf",&pp->price);
void printER(struct Product ppp){
    printf("name: %s\n",;
    printf("Enter price: %.2lf\n",ppp.price);
int main()
struct Product p;


    return 0;


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Author: zakilive

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