Study Motivation

Most Important:


Networking skills:


Successful People Have:
In Respected Job/Career and good money
Beautiful Girlfriend/Wife
Good Bank Balance
A Home to live
A Car

– You have to practice in private and will get reward in public(share in social media after success
– Practice atleast 1 hour everyday what you need to achieve
– Repeat the same thing over and over again
– Exercise daily even for 10 minutes to focus
– You have to struggle and need to suffer the pain to grow and take the ladder of success otherwise you will be poor
– You have to bring value to the table no matter how good your cgpa or university name
– Don’t share your goals with others or next move before happening
– Don’t share your weakness or describe anybody as they can make mock with you and dont share on social media becuase it may envy them or mislead them
– Get up early sleep early, keep healthy, exercise
– Network secretly with people, make a mentor who is successful in your field
– Write goals but focus on your behaviour not goals because your behaviour define where you will go
– Believe that you will , you can and you did
– Be mysterious, don’t be a open book, don’t share business secret, don’t boast too much even in social media
– Learn to keep mouth shut off, keep secret
– You have to be best in your field, people will call you by your name that you are good at it
– You have to take the first step

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