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Pseudo Code

Pseudocode details I was searching for so long:

Pseudocode guideline from wiki references:


Youtube Video:

Analaysis though it seems little bit tough to me:

HackerRank video:

MIT video:

Pseudo Code from upper Youtube vid:



Slightly edited in *A to A[]:

Some change with before and after show:

Complete Quicksort Implementation and taking user input:

Output from the above code:

Geeks for geeks:

From geeks for geeks but may be there might be some problems there

ideone example:
Others Code:

Google Search Terms:*

DS Journery of my Alone

We learn data structure to organize data to manipulate data.

Career Benefits of Competitive Programming

5 Career Benefits of Competitive Programming

CSE Motivation

Best, Average, Worst Case

cheat sheet:
Good for Programmers:

It’s also good:

It’s good for space complexity and cost.

Golden rules :

Not good for programmers but okay:

Will watch it later:

Asymptotiic Notation


অ্যালগোরিদম কমপ্লেক্সিটি(বিগ “O” নোটেশন)

For Upper Bound Lower Bound Clear:

C revise


Monk and Welcome Problem

Another Problem:


CP Resource


From beginner to expert in competitive programming.


Notes and courses for competitive programming


Algorithm Journey A to Z revise

URI Online Judge | 1030 Flavious Josephus Legend

This is level 3 problem so will do it later. But this video will help for  sure.


How to count numbers from string ?



Depth Firtst Search(DFS) Algorithm Explanation and Implementation



One of my classmates blog link:
and this ppt :
CLRS website:

Shafayet Ashraf:

saurabhschool youtube link :

Youtube video of Mifta Sintaha:

and here is also a good implementation:

Java array basics:

What does it actually mean in an array limit 0≤A[i]≤10^10 ?

Its means that the value of A[i] must be remained between 0 to 10000000000