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My parents don’t know I was a mad lover of GTA series since my school life(class 4)…When GTA V trailer was released in 2009 after my SSC, I upgraded my pc and waited a lot for releasing of this game but time passed and they delayed to release it. In my university life I was busy with academic stuffs so I barely get chances to play this game and my graphics card got jammed for not using too much. Recently Rockstar Games released Artificial Intelligence and other engineering behind this game. It is a pleasure for me now as I am understanding little bit of the engineering behind this game as a CS graduate. I was their die hard fan once upon a time and still I am. If I get some space in my life to play this game I am sure I can find the peace

Difference between AI, Machine Learning, NLP and Deep Learning

Different terms for:


Artificial Intelligence will lead the future

Google and the Self-Driving Car

How AI will lead the future ?


Artificial intelligence, revealed


Use Stanford NLP with Android

1. Download the whole nlp from the site.
2. Copy stanford-postagger.jar file and paste it in the app>libs folder
3. Right click on it and click add to library.
4. Now write the example code available in the net with class tagText{} and in
5. import library import import edu.stanford.nlp.tagger.maxent.MaxentTagger;

This video may help.

Update: It is giving errors with android.

Artificial Intelligence

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