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Java Developer

Java/J2EE Developer (EG-560)

We are looking for a Java programmer to join our core team.


  • Master the Java Language
  • Knowledge of J2EE
  • JMS , JDBC, XML, Web Services – advantage
  • Design Patterns
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


  • University Degree in Computer Science or equivilant.


  • Minimum 4 years of experience as a Java Developer

To apply for this position, please forward your resume to: [email protected]
Please reference the position number in the Subject field of your email.

Google Interview Diary

Become a Software Engineer in PHP platform


28 Oct 2016 · answer

  1. First, obligatory learn those topics very well: HTTP, cookies, sessions, caching, gzip, OSI model, DNS, SMTP, HTTPS, HTTP2
  2. Understand Web Standards, HTML, CSS from W3C and MDN
  3. Go though official PHP7 documentation on
  4. Read about Computer science, data structures, algorithms, Software engineering principles, design patterns, OOP, Functional programming, MVC, Dependency Injection. Many articles available on Hashnode, Quora and Medium. You also may try FreeCodeCamp. Good free online video tutorial series available on Udacity
  5. Learn SQL, MySQL 5.7
  6. Learn unix basics, commands, Apache or nginx, hosts file, make local domain (usually ending with .dev or .local)
  7. Set up your local environment with PHP7, MySQL5.7, Apache/nginx installed, configured (I recommend install all them manually and not using something like WAMP, it’s not so hard, even on Windows)
  8. Make a simple own MVC application on plain PHP
  9. Install Composer and learn about it and package management.
  10. Start watching
  11. Learn basics of Node, npm, install node.js
  12. Go though whole documentation of Laravel 5.3
  13. Make your own Laravel app
  14. Register at GitHub
  15. Read Laravel’s or any other popualr PHP project source code (at least some part of it), make you to understand every single line and operation, what it does and how
  16. Repeat 10 000 times.


What you learn try to learn from Fundamentals

Whatever you choose just stick with the basic (Data Structure, Database design, Algorithm etc.). Both have good future. I am also in similar situation like you (doing work in both PHP and Android from last 2 years). I found it is very important to have good command over basics.

Java J2EE Developer Freshers Interview Preparation

The books which you have mentioned are a very good background when it comes to Java language. The problem with being a “backend developer” is that usually even if you don’t work on frontend you are still expected to know basics of frontend stuff.

When I’m interviewing a backend developer or rather web developer with focus on backend, I expect him to know:

  1. Framework which we use which is Spring 3-4
  2. Database: SQL and JPQL
  3. Knowledge of HTML
  4. Some familiarity with CSS
  5. Familiarity with JavaScript and JQuery (not expert level)
  6. Knowledge how web works: Get and post requests, rest services, json, sessions

When it comes to frameworks most popular one are Spring and Java EE6, of course there are much more but if company is using  something less commonly known they less expect you to know it.

Basically if you can write from scratch a simple to-do list application all by yourself, you are ok to be junior level web dev.

Learn Fundamentals..Write Code to Become a Software Engineer…Don’t Think About your CGPA

Abdul Munim Dibosh, Full Stack Engineer / User Experience Enthusiast

I looked at the previous answers, and couldn’t help to jump in to add something that nobody said.

To become a software engineer you need to know some basic stuffs

  1. At least one programming language using which you can code proficiently and feel comfortable with; it can be python, C or Java or anything you like! Language doesn’t matter, but your sense of building blocks of logic does!
  2. Object Oriented Programming – You need to know the basics of object oriented programming and how to use/implement them in real life projects/problems. You should have at least one project where you have worked with these concepts.
  3. A few basic algorithms on sorting, searching and string manipulation will be of great help. And also knowledge about space and time complexities.
  4. Some basic data structures like Queue, Stack, List etc.
  5. Few widely used software design patterns like Singleton, Factory Method, Adapter etc. and when and how to apply them.

This is pretty much it, if you know these things well, even if you don’t have a good GPA you should be able to get a job- but I don’t guarantee that it will be a great job! To get a great job you will have to try to become better. It’s like iterative development, you get better, you get better job and you get more better, you get another better than before job and so on!

Lastly, GPA doesn’t have much to do with getting a job as software engineer or becoming a software engineer. If you are passionate about programming and you love solving problems and of course you have the 5 things I mentioned before- don’t wait, just go there and start applying and see how things roll out for you! Best of luck!

Advice For PHP Developer

PHP Development is quite easy and fun to work at. Here are a few tips that should help you to be a good PHP developer.

  1. Use OOP : Using classes (or Objects) will keep like things together and remove the repetition of code and perform basic tasks of production very easily.
  2. Keep your distance from anything ending with _once() :  include_once() and require_once() is extremely hard on server resources. These things will kill your server resources.
  3. Design Patterns : Design Patterns are some default structure solutions to solve problems of design, but the application design (modelling). But, why should I learn that? Just to write a better code and improve reusability. With design patterns you will find some default common problems and every time you find that problem you will find a default design to apply, so it’s easy to solve design solutions in your project.
    (recommended : “Head First Design Patterns”)
  4. Use Frameworks : If you are a PHP developer that concerns about security and productivity I recommend you to use a framework. It will improve your development speed and you will have a better designed and structured application.
  5. Use PHP’s inbuilt functions :  PHP has many built-in functions that can do what you need them to, so check out the manual to make sure you are doing it in the best way possible.
  6. PHP: The Right Way : Stay updated with what’s happening in the PHP world.
  7. Well documented and commented code.
  8. Code Code Code.

That’s pretty much all about it. Hope that helps.



Interview: Find Occurances in an Array – Binary Search Application

Some theory:


Optimized Code: Using Binary Search



PHP/or any other platform freshers qualification


Count number of 2’s in a given range (0 to n)? (ex: range between 0-20, Ans: 3 (i.e [2], 1[2], [2]0))

Google Search:



Never Give UP

Employer and Job Holder Relationship in Coding Industry

Your attitude is also crucial: Programmers need to be eager to learn, curious, detail oriented, and willing to accept criticism. Some of these traits will come out in an interview.

Employers look for (1) Evidence you can do the job (2) Evidence you will do the job and (3) Cultural fit.

8) Find small companies and cold call them to see if they have any needs. Big comoanies have HR departments, so ignore them.


And imagine yourself in an interview situation explaining what you have done to the interviewer. Do this a LOT. You will find code flaws this way

Once the interview is over forget about it. Go back to your projects and study.

Oh, and be ready to start on a painfully low salary, expect the odd long night: If it becomes regular start looking for the next job – the management are not competent.

Interview Tips in Bangla For CSE Graduate

একজন প্রোগ্রামার হতে গেলে যে ১০টি স্টেপ আপনাকে অবশ্যই অনুসরণ করতে হবে !

Career Advice


  • Sir, i am pursuing B.Tech from IP university and is presently in 3rd year . I use to code in JAVA language for whatever problem or programme i am given. Now i dont know how to get hired by good companies beacuse they dont want only JAVA, but many languages as well with expertise as written on their requirements page, so where should i focus ,doing codecheff or problem on SPOJ ,or should i read books on Data Structures …. I just dont know where to go .Plz help sir

    Thanks in advance

  • Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:

    @Uj199 – You need to be really good at Java and that’s one thing you should really focus on. I’d recommend that you should get certification in Java; and that too, while you are in college.

    Apart from that, you need to focus on cracking aptitude tests and personal interviews. You will get lot of help on both these fronts here on CrazyEngineers. Don’t worry about other languages and tools; because you will learn them on the job. Your first priority should be to get entry into the IT industry; everything else will follow automatically.


Interview Tips for Fresher in Software Engineering Interview in Bangladesh

As you said you are a fresher so what can a company expect from a fresher?  Answer is nothing much.

Any good company won’t give you work on live projects on your first day itself as that would be a dumb step. They would give you training on

1. how to work on projects

2. Will make you comfortable with company environment

3. Will teach you basic work ethics

4. A short time to mix up with employees

So now what does a company will be expecting from you?

1. Hunger to learn , learn and just learn.

2. Confidence at every step ( from walking to working)

3. Faithfulness

4. Most important is a logical mind.

Now coming to technical part.

1. Basic concepts of OOP should be clear.

2. Good knowledge of algorithms.

3. Atleast one small project having connectivity with database.

4. Basic knowledge of Data structure.

5. And most important is even if you know a few concepts but you should know them in depth.

And if you want to impress them with your technical knowledge then

1. Participate in coding competitions

2. Display your work online.

3. Learn any framework.

4. Also if you have done any regular inplant training or part time developing job that would be a big big advantage for you and the company both because a fresher knows only 10% of what he needs to work in any company. And if company is founding more than that then company would not miss that opportunity.

So there are multiple ways to fetch a job.

Either make your technical part not just good  but best at your level.

Or you can focus on things other than technical but this doesn’t mean that you can give least importance to technical. After all you have to do a technical job. But it is believed that even if a person is not so good in technical but if he is good in what he knows and has spirit to learn than he can perform far better than a stubborn experienced person. So don’t run behind only coding. You don’t have to become a dumb ass that only knows to code.