Count word

Problem from
Write a program which will take a sentence as input and tell us how many words are there. [If user gives input “I love Bangladesh”, then the output should be: 3]



String Problem: Uppercase to Lowercase, Lowercase to Uppercase

Problem 70: Case Fix

You are given a string mixed with uppercase and lowercase letters . Your task is to write a program which will
flip the letters : (UpperCase -> LowerCase, LowerCase -> UpperCase)


eLepHanT   Elephant

cAt                  Cat

SuNDAY       Sunday


not upto the output yet:

beautiful code with exacts output:



String Problem: ASCII table related

Problem: Write a program which takes a string of alphabet as input and replace all the characters with the 3rd immediate character of it. All the alphabets of the input string will be small letter. [If user gives input “abc” you should print “def”, if user gives input “xyz” you should print “abc”]



PHP OOP: Class, Method, Object, Instance, Declare, Echo, Inheritance,Constructor,Access Control,Static!

PHP OOP example described here from edwin’s video:

Inheritance example:


Access control: Public, Private, Protected

Static Data in Class:


Concatanated String Problems

Problem: Take three different string as input from the user(“We”, “ Love” and “ Bangladesh”). Now concate these three string and print it (“We Love Bangladesh”). [There is a leading space in “ Love” and “ Bangladesh”]


Another approach:


Reverse a string

Problem 65: Reverse
Take a word from user and print the word in reverse order. [If user gives  “BANGLADESH”, your program should print “HSEDALGNAB”]


of another option:


String Refreshing

//Program to assign string and display the same

//specifiying the array string size

Assigning string character by character

//Read a string and display it

//It will not allow string

so we need gets(str)

with gets we can print line with space: Zaki Live

//simple printf

//using puts


Program to find length of a given string:

Using string related library function:

//string copy with out library function

//using strcpy library function

Concatenated String:

Using library function:



Rules For Learning Something New


Sounds like you are going for a full immersion strategy which is a great way to learn. It’s like learning a new spoken language. The best way is to immerse yourself.

That being said you will want to make sure you don’t burn out. Here are my tips.

  • Automate your life so little distractions don’t get in the way. I would eliminate the need to do basic things like food shopping, dry cleaning, laundry etc. The way you do this is to order your groceries online and have them delivered. Find a dry cleaning and laundry service to pick up and drop off your clothing.
  • Exercise is going to be important to keep your body in shape. You don’t need to be a marathoner but try to get at least 20 minutes of physical activity.
  • Eat Well. This tip is vital to ensure you get the right nutrients to feed your brain. You are undergoing a very tough task and will need to be running on all cylinders.
  • Coffee & Tea are your friends. They will help keep you sharp and focused.
  • Sleep is important. You want to retain the information you take in and if you’re not rested that will be difficult.
  • Cut the cable and limit your distractions with social media websites (Quora is an exception).
  • Practice Time Blocking. This will help you to optimize your time for peak efficiency.
  • Use cheat days where you just bum out and allow yourself and your brain to just relax. It’s like working out, you shouldn’t go hard 7 days a week, you typically want to have a day of rest.
  • Enlist your friends and family to be supportive of your endeavor. If they help you stay focused then you will have it easier than if they don’t understand and become a major distraction.

These are just some tips to help you accomplish your goal of becoming a Full Stack Developer.

Hopefully this helps. Good Luck.

Never Give UP

Array Self Input Size


integer odd even

problem: (
Take an array of integer data type of size 5. Scan the values from the user. Now print the output like the following one-
Values in array: 10 25 20 15 30
Sum of odd values: 40
Sum of even values: 60


Array Value Average

Take an array of integer data type of size 5. Scan the values from the user. Now print the average of integers which are greater than 100.



Find maximum and minimum value in an array

for maximum:


for minimum:


2d array codes




Prime Show

Write a program to show prime from 0 to N  where N will be taken from user.

Another Logic:

Another Logic collected from this link:
Understood the implementation of the code.