What we learnt:


$ sign to lock before column and row

Related to F-test


Getting Working Student/Part Time Jobs in Germany

= Apply only part time/working student jobs
= mention this at CV/ cover letter
= mention you have residence permit

Never Give Up!

Programming language confusion for AI

Machine Learning Algorithm Solutions




Machine Learning I have learned so far from M.Sc. ML Course

Mathematical Basics

Paradigms, Perceptron et al.

Learning Algorithm, Linear Separability

Linear Netzworks, Principal Components

Mission Programer

Data Science Interview Question



Must Read For Becoming a Successful Software Developer

Don’t tell your goals before complete

Financial Knowledge



German Software Engineer Job Salary and Hours Calculation According to laws

Opportunity to work as a student at Germany:

120 full days*8hours = 960 hours
240half days*4 hours = 960 hours

So monthly if it is 80 hours per month then after 12 months it is 12*80 = 960 hours

Monthly salary if it  is = 11 euro/per hour

So 80 hours*11=880 euro per month

How you calculate 80 hours?
Okay, 80 hours = 20 hours per week,so if a month has 4 week then 20*4=80 hours per month.



Phone Interview Success