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To push in github

First we have to make the system to push:
From windows you can use git bash or from unix based system terminal window you can use

Step 1: First we have to check for ssh key

if those files are not present

  • id_dsa.pub
  • id_ecdsa.pub
  • id_ed25519.pub
  • id_rsa.pub

then we have to genrate new ssh key
Step 2: Generate new ssh key

then follow these steps

simply enter.


here enter the passphrase

Step 3: Add ssh key to the ssh-agent
Follow the code to enter in terminal or git bash

Step 4: Add ssh key to your github  account

if it give some errors then you can type this

Now got to your github account>settings>ssh keys>add ssh key

and open the id_res.pub file with a text editor and copy the text and paste on the github key>give it a name

Step 5:Test the conenction

then this message will come

press yes
and then this will come

voila! you are done 😀

Now system is done now we have the time to push:
Now you can clone the repository you created in your github i will show it in future after cloning go to your named directory and type the commands below