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It was my last chance for participating in ACM ICPC Dhaka Regional Siteprogramming contest but as I am out of practice for last 2 semesters I didn’t even sit for preliminary round..I am not so good at problem solving but adhoc type problems became my favorite for last 2 years. I tried to learn ACM problem solving from my respected senior brothers, my batch mate buddies and my beloved juniors for last two years. It seemed to me very tough but I tried to be very regular at ACM Training classes during my undergrad life alongside with my academic life.

I personally believe that learning programming is a life time issue. It has starting point but no finishing line. I have a deep wish to learn these awesome things in future if Allah wills. Please keep me in your prayers for that and expressing my heartfelt wishes and prayers for today’s ICPC contestants <3 🙂


It would be a great help, if you support by sharing :)
Author: zakilive

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