Arguement about PHP ! every language is good but you can change later after mastering in one :)

I’ve never liked the whole vs. idea of frameworks and langauges. I don’t like that programmers and developers battle each other on the fact that some languages are better than others. The truth is, every language is better at something (well except maybe Whitespace). I wish programmers and developers could look at other languages and frameworks and be inspired by the things it did right, instead of  brush it off and say “Well mine is still better because of x and y!”.

In your specific case, you should hands down choose the framework based on if you are more familiar with PHP or Ruby. Program your application in what you’re comfortable with, then in your free time practice the other and gain Comfortability with it and make your own decision about which you like more. You are the only person who can decide which is better for you. Both Laravel and Ruby on Rails are absolutely amazing frameworks, and both have personally inspired me a lot. I would suggest somewhere down the line learning both of them, however for now I would say work with whatever language you know best.

Best of luck to you and happy coding!


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Author: zakilive

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