Employer and Job Holder Relationship in Coding Industry

Your attitude is also crucial: Programmers need to be eager to learn, curious, detail oriented, and willing to accept criticism. Some of these traits will come out in an interview.

Employers look for (1) Evidence you can do the job (2) Evidence you will do the job and (3) Cultural fit.

8) Find small companies and cold call them to see if they have any needs. Big comoanies have HR departments, so ignore them.


And imagine yourself in an interview situation explaining what you have done to the interviewer. Do this a LOT. You will find code flaws this way

Once the interview is over forget about it. Go back to your projects and study.

Oh, and be ready to start on a painfully low salary, expect the odd long night: If it becomes regular start looking for the next job – the management are not competent.

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Author: zakilive

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