C Conditional Logic

Conditional Question:

Problem 25: Coordinate

Take two integers indicating the x and y coordinate of a two-dimensional graph paper where the center point is x = 0 and y = 0. Now print the quadrant of the given point. [If user gives input (4,5) you should print ‘First quadrant’; If user gives input (-4,-5) you should print ‘Third quadrant’ ]


int main()
    int x,y;
    scanf("%d %d",&x,&y);
    if(x==0 && y==0)
        printf("centre point");
    if(x>0 && y>0)
        printf("1st quadrant");
    if(x>0 && y<0)
        printf("2nd quadrant");
    if(x<0 && y<0)
        printf("3rd quadrant");
    }if(x>0 && y<0)
        printf("4th quadrant");

    return 0;


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