Static keyword java explanation

package com.zakilive.ooplearningbyme;

class Employee{
    int salary;
    int eid;
    static String ceo; //if i don't made the static it will show the last name of ceo

    static{ //it is block of static and load a class it is for same thing //it only starts when you load a class
        System.out.println("In Static");

    public Employee(){  //if we use non static then we use constructor it is for different thing //it only starts when you create an object
        System.out.println("In constructor");

    void show(){

public class StaticDemoExampleByMe {
    static int i=0;
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        //creating two objects where leo and cario works for same company, so they have same ceo
        Employee leo=new Employee();
        Employee cario=new Employee();

         i=0; //you will get error because i is non static variable and it is inside a static class
//        leo.salary=5000;
//        leo.eid=2;
//        cario.salary=4000;
//        cario.eid=3;
//"Fiona"; //for static variable we prefer class name we don't need object


Some of the concepts learn from this video:


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