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Software Engineer | Polyglot Programmer | Gym Lover | Cyclist | Algorithm Addict | Programming and Research enthusiast | Life Long Passionate Learner | Love CSE, Backend and Data

Hi, thanks for your interest on my blog 🙂 I am Syed Ahmed Zaki, from Germany. This is my blog “Zakilive.Com” for sharing my knowledge and passion with you all.

I was born in a beautiful country of south asia named Bangladesh. I am a Computer Science and Engineering graduate and currently doing my post graduation in Germany. I am passionate, dedicated, hardworking about my tasks and fond of Algorithms, Competitive Programming, Mathematics, Research in data science(Machine Learning, AI, NLP, Deep Learning), bioinformatics and IoT. I also love software engineering. In software development field I prefer Web Application Engineering.

In my bachelor study life, I tried to participate in several programming contests(online, onsite, intra etc.) and passed some time in ACM training class for sharpening my logical skills. As an ordinary people it was little bit tough for me alongside with academic pressure, thesis and research paper writing but I love challenges so I always tried to push my limits though still I need to improve a lot in everything but I always trust in this quote “Hard work beats talent”. That quote I have learned from my life through bodybuilding of 6 years since 2012 and after losing 33 KG fat in 4 months from 101 KG I developed my fit physique, so I respectfully believe in this sentence and relate this with CSE field. I also love to learn from my failures. I hate excuses while working professionally and I love trying to finish my work with perfection till the last moment before deadline.

I also love to explore and play with new technologies and try to implement it with innovative ideas.  In my bachelor university life, I always tried to learn from the basics of Computer Science. So, I have tried to gather Networking to Database Knowledge, OS fundamentals to OOP etc. all fundamental core basics in my skillset in a practical approach.

Alongside with developing some web applications in core php and laravel framework I have also tried to build games with unity3d game engine, built 2 android apps, experimented machine learning with python, data mining with WEKA, AI chatbot, IoT based weather station and some more project works for my undergraduate courses. As I am language and platform agnostic, I enjoyed and learned a lot from all of these works. I also love teamwork. Alongside software engineering and different extra curricular activities I also love teaching. I am also proficient at working with linux and windows based OSes and I feel so lucky if I get chance to contribute in opensource projects. In my linkedin profile you will find more details about me.

However, I am actually a knowledge seeker and life long passionate learner who tries to make his weakness as strength, I was a serious student of all the courses in CS academia that can solve real life problems as I love to explore knowledge in a crafted manner. I love to study books, blogs or whatever philosophically solve my curiosity. For that, I maintain a good collection of various technological, scientific and philosophical books in my small library. Knowledge sharing, analytical thinking, practice and passing the passion of mine with you is one of my motivations for running this blog. I practice to hone my skills with trying to improve my programming and developing skillset day by day and what I learn, I never forget to share here for you.

In my free time I love to do cycling or gym or play racing games in my android phone or watch animated movies and also love to promote positive, fit and healthy lifestyle among people.

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Currently, I am working with Python technologies. If you have any opportunity/business to work with me or any other query kindly say just hi to me at my mail:
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