Some common research question must see when writing research paper.,your%20results%20magically%20discovered%20themselves.,author%20followed%20by%20et%20al.

Citing Same Research Paper Twice

Latex Table and Math Equations

Deep Dive Into Cloud Computing: Docker and Kubernetes and Basics

What is docker ?
Instance of redis in my computer

Why we use docker ?
Docker makes it really easy to install and run software without worrying about setup and depenedenies

Docker ecosystem-> Docker client Docker server Docker machine Docker images Docker hub Docker compose

Used docker command:



we are using node.js server
Docker on AWS:

npm run start = starts up a development server. For development use only
npm run test= run tests associated with the project
npm run build = build a production version of the application

We need Travis CI
AWS hosting

One question to professor:
For lab report:
Explain what is the output, what is the process and some codes. Some screenshots.
What does documentation contains is it lab report A4 page ?


Best Tutorial For Learning Docker For Windows in Short :

Advanced Formal Modelling Excercise-1

Let Rz={(a,b)|a,b is belongs to Z^+ and a-b is an odd positive integer}.

The set of integers is represented by the letter Z. An integer is any number in the infinite set,

Z={.., -3,-2,-1, 0, 1, 2 ,3, …}
Z+ is the set of all positive integers(1,2,3,….) there is no 0 here
Z- is the set of all negative integers (…,-3,-2,-1) there is no 0 here
Z^nonneg is the set of all positive integers including 0, while Z^nonpos is the set of all negative integers including 0


Set R1 is reflexive because
Q1) For every a is belongs to Z+ . (a,a) is belongs to R . a-a = 0 is not an odd  number. So, R is not reflexive.

For every a,b is belongs to Z+ : if a,b is positive, then b-a is negative. That if( a,b) is belongs R then (b,a) is not belongs to R. So not symmetric.

Due to the same reason, as above, (a,b) and (b,a) cannot be simultaneously in R . So the condition in the definition of anti symmetry is false.

The implication holds trivially , R is anti symmetric.

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Cloud Computing Lectures and Notes Winter 2020/21

1st week:
Task: Choose a team with topic is the exercise.

You need to chose a software solution, you need make it and present.
You need to submit it before February and every week prof. needs update
It should be multi node implementation

No exam this time only project that mean

Your installation guide should provide detailed steps how to deploy,
configure and use the service
[Latex diye koire fellam]
IOT er tao kore fellam tate  duita laav hoilo
[Dui dhoroner help pawa gelo + practice]

The client-server architecture consists of 2 layers and is called two-tier model
(tier = layer)

Parental Computing is company provided the service[47 minutes in recording]

According to their areas of responsibility, 4 types of clients exist:
1 Text-/X-Terminals
2 Thin/Zero Clients
3 Applet Clients
4 Fat Clients

— My Topic For Project: Kubernetes and Docker
– Most of the cloud/DevOps engineer needs this skill and First experience in the public cloud environment (AWS or AZURE)
– good knowledge of object-oriented languages ​​(e.g. Java, Python, PowerShell or NET) and containerization strategies


The goal of the project:
|Linux administration
Documentation reading
Architecture Building
Not so hardcore programming
If you don’t do project you will fail


2nd week:
We shared our topic name maybe we may change the topic name if needed.
Topic: Content Delivery Network with Kubernetes and Docker
We have 3 team members, Syed Ahmed Zaki, Daniel Von Barany, Kranthi kumar reddy Kasireddy
– We want to make a system in different server which distributes content like images, mp3, text known as content delivery networking
-We are very new to Kubernetes and Docker still researching about this
– We want to deploy in cloud maybe Minio in multi node environment or openNebula it is serverless
– It will be scalable
– Any of your suggestion Prof. ?
– My other team members and colleagues will share the details

Learned from Youtube this week about Docker and little bit Kubernetes


3rd week:
Notes from class lecture:
Heteregenous is better because one system and multi computer
Failover and Failback

Some multinode tutorials:
How docker works:


Difference Between multi-cluster, multi-master, multi-tenant & federated Kubernetes

Docker book:

Awesome projects from the Docker community


5th Week:
Professor will take final presentation on 29 January, 2021

6th week:

I am trying to upload daniels created docker image deploying into aws ec2 server. here the tutorials i am following.

Real Time Computing Personal Note

What does real time mean ?

It means correctness and execution time of the results are guaranteed.

In non-Real time systems normally only the correctness of the result is guaranteed.

In other words: A real time system will also guaranty that a certain deadline is met.

From wikipedia professor also said:
Hard – missing a deadline is a total system failure.
Firm – infrequent deadline misses are tolerable, but may degrade the system’s quality of service. The usefulness of a result is zero after its deadline.
Soft – the usefulness of a result degrades after its deadline, thereby degrading the system’s quality of service.

Hard real-time systems are used when it is imperative that an event be reacted to within a strict deadline. Such strong guarantees are required of systems for which not reacting in a certain interval of time would cause great loss in some manner, especially damaging the surroundings physically or threatening human lives (although the strict definition is simply that missing the deadline constitutes failure of the system). Some examples of hard real-time systems:

  • car engine control system is a hard real-time system because a delayed signal may cause engine failure or damage.
  • Medical systems such as heart pacemakers. Even though a pacemaker’s task is simple, because of the potential risk to human life, medical systems like these are typically required to undergo thorough testing and certification, which in turn requires hard real-time computing in order to offer provable guarantees that a failure is unlikely or impossible.
  • Industrial process controllers, such as a machine on an assembly line. If the machine is delayed, the item on the assembly line could pass beyond the reach of the machine (leaving the product untouched), or the machine or the product could be damaged by activating the robot at the wrong time. If the failure is detected, both cases would lead to the assembly line stopping, which slows production. If the failure is not detected, a product with a defect could make it through production, or could cause damage in later steps of production.
  • Hard real-time systems are typically found interacting at a low level with physical hardware, in embedded systems. Early video game systems such as the Atari 2600 and Cinematronics vector graphics had hard real-time requirements because of the nature of the graphics and timing hardware.
  • Softmodems replace a hardware modem with software running on a computer’s CPU. The software must run every few milliseconds to generate the next audio data to be output. If that data is late, the receiving modem will lose synchronization, causing a long interruption as synchronization is reestablished or causing the connection to be lost entirely.
  • Many types of printers have hard real-time requirements, such as inkjets (the ink must be deposited at the correct time as the printhead crosses the page), laser printers (the laser must be activated at the right time as the beam scans across the rotating drum), and dot matrix and various types of line printers (the impact mechanism must be activated at the right time as the print mechanism comes into alignment with the desired output). A failure in any of these would cause either missing output or misaligned output.

In the context of multitasking systems the scheduling policy is normally priority driven (pre-emptive schedulers). In some situations, these can guarantee hard real-time performance (for instance if the set of tasks and their priorities is known in advance). There are other hard real-time schedulers such as rate-monotonic which is not common in general-purpose systems, as it requires additional information in order to schedule a task: namely a bound or worst-case estimate for how long the task must execute. Specific algorithms for scheduling such hard real-time tasks exist, such as earliest deadline first, which, ignoring the overhead of context switching, is sufficient for system loads of less than 100%.[6] New overlay scheduling systems, such as an adaptive partition scheduler assist in managing large systems with a mixture of hard real-time and non real-time applications.

Firm real-time systems are more nebulously defined, and some classifications do not include them, distinguishing only hard and soft real-time systems. Some examples of firm real-time systems:

  • The assembly line machine described earlier as hard real-time could instead be considered firm real-time. A missed deadline still causes an error which needs to be dealt with: there might be machinery to mark a part as bad or eject it from the assembly line, or the assembly line could be stopped so an operator can correct the problem. However, as long as these errors are infrequent, they may be tolerated.

Soft real-time systems are typically used to solve issues of concurrent access and the need to keep a number of connected systems up-to-date through changing situations. Some examples of soft real-time systems:

  • Software that maintains and updates the flight plans for commercial airliners. The flight plans must be kept reasonably current, but they can operate with the latency of a few seconds.
  • Live audio-video systems are also usually soft real-time. A frame of audio that’s played late may cause a brief audio glitch (and may cause all subsequent audio to be delayed correspondingly, causing a perception that the audio is being played slower than normal), but this may be better than the alternatives of continuing to play silence, static, a previous audio frame, or estimated data. A frame of video that’s delayed typically causes even less disruption for viewers. The system can continue to operate and also recover in the future using workload prediction and reconfiguration methodologies.[7]
  • Similarly, video games are often soft real-time, particularly as they try to meet a target frame rate. As the next image cannot be computed in advance, since it depends on inputs from the player, only a short time is available to perform all the computing needed to generate a frame of video before that frame must be displayed. If the deadline is missed, the game can continue at a lower frame rate; depending on the game, this may only affect its graphics (while the gameplay continues at normal speed), or the gameplay itself may be slowed down (which was common on older third- and fourth-generation consoles

WCET(Worst Case Execution Time):
It must not be less than the real WCET (otherwise the
deadline will be execced sometime).
2 It should be as near as possible to the real WCET (otherwise
computing power will be wasted −→ the system gets more

Two methods:
Statical WCET Analysis: Calculating execution time
based on the computer program.
Dynamical WCET Analysis: Measurement of an
adequate number of execution runs on a certain



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Verben mit Akkusativ und Dativ

Temporale Präpositionen

Java Puzzles to Eliminate Code Fear

A method is a set of code




We have a loud barking dog. The “hour” parameter is the current hour time in the range 0 to 23. We are in trouble if the hour is before 7 or after 20. Return true if we are in trouble

While Loop:



For Loop:

Reverse character:

Print  even number from 0 to 100:

Sending parameters as an array

Cool recursion example instead of loop:

SpeedingFine Assignment:

my logic:


We always try to make the code short and sweet: Logic from the course instructor

Short and sweet code:


Another logical problem:

Singing code by me:

Also by ternary operator in one line:

In one line with ternary operator


Amar VuulVaal code:


Valo code FizzyWizzy :P::

Assignment_09 my own solution:

Logic from the instructor:





A2.1 Klass an der FUAS

Er ist aus dem Nirden von Frankreich
Pierre studiert

fur einen grossen internationalen Konzern (A very international/multinational big company)
fur den Alltag


Hallo, ich bin Ira pangalos. Wie ist ihre name?
Ich koomen sie aus Griechland
Was machen sie hier in Berlin

Und sie ?

Wo arbeiten sie ?

Ist Ihr studium auf Deutsch?
Wie oft spielen Sie handball ?

HOMEWORK HAUSAUFGABEN (HA) für Dienstag, den 6. Oktober: Seite 12 Übung 5a Seite 13 Übung 5b und 6a



grammatik aktiv a1-b1
Grammatik aktiv Niveau A1 – B1 Cornelsen book

Entshuldigen, Entschuldigt
Versuchen, Versucht

Bestellen, Bestellt
Erzahlen, Erzahlt
Umziehen, Umgezogen
Bestellen Bestellt
Empfehlen Empfohlen
Entnehmen Entnommen
Erreichen Erreicht
Gefallen GEfallen
Versethen Verstanden
bestellen bestellt
empfehlen empfohlen
entnehmen entnommen
erreichen erreicht
gefallen gefallen
verstehen verstanden
zerstören zerstört



teilgenommen teilnehmen Deutschkurs Ich nehme am Deutschkurs teil. Ich habe am Deutschkurs teilgenommen. geflogen

Tochter – Singular Daughter
Töchter – Plural Daughter

Normal Form, Comparativ Form
kalt kälter
gesund gesünder
ich fahre er fährt
ich muss wir müssen


Ich mochte-I liked in the past /I used to like in past( Ich mokhte uccharon)
Ich möchte-I would like to

Letter to a friend, in a word file, grammar should is perfekt, some can be present but others are german perfekt, topic: Your life in frankfurt after you arrived. 10 sentences 150 words. Half page of word file.

ADUSO in Deutsch

1. Er hat eine Anzeige in der Zeitung gelesen. 2. Er hat mit der Frau telefoniert. 3. Er hat am Samstag die Frau getroffen. 4. Sie haben in einem Café einen Cocktail getrunken. Gestern haben sie in einem Café einen C. getrunken. Sie haben gestern in einem Café einen C. getrunken. 7. Sie hat “Danke schön” gesagt.


geschrieben ei ie

Ich habe gestern im Paris fur meinen Vater und meine Mutter viele Souvenirs gekauft .

Reason: After fur akusativ and masculine and meine because feminine
After fur always it is akkusativ
Mit is always dativ

Der gute Mann hat ein Auto Ein guter Mann hat mir “Hallo” gesagt. Ich kenne einen guten Mann. Ich kenne eine gute Frau. Ich kenne ein gutes intelligentes Kind. Ich habe einen hübschen intelligenten Bruder. Kennst du das gute intelligente Kind? Das Buch ist aus gutem Papier Ich komme aus Frankfurt Ich komme aus einer kleinen Stadt. Ich bin heute bei meiner Mutter. Ich bin heute bei meinem Vater. Ich komme aus einem kleinen Dorf. Ich komme aus einem/dem großen Turm. Ich komme aus einer kleinen pittoresken sehr schönen Stadt. Ich komme aus einem kleinen pittoresken sehr schönen Dorf.


Geschirr gespült



Waren Sie schon einmal da? = Have you been there before?

Sind Sie schon einmal da gewesen? = Have you been there before?

der Freizeitpark das Märchenschloss das Ausflugsziel das Bauwerk die Kleinstadt die Blumeninsel das Mittelalter

In compound word artikel always depends on the last word. For example : Das Mittelalterschloss ; here Das happened for schloss.

das Kleinstadt, das Altstadt
die Stadtzentrum, die  Stadtmitte

NOMINATIV: Wer oder Was? AKKUSATIV: Wen oder Was? DATIV: WEM oder WAS? Genitiv: WESSEN?
Das ist meine Tasse Das ist Conchis Tasse Das ist mein Kugelschreiben
Ich kaufe dir das Auto meines Vaters



Das ist Tobias’ Tasche Das ist die Tasche von Tobias Der Lehrer der Kinder Die Probleme der Eltern Der Geburtstag einer Freundin Der Ring der Königin Die Assistentin eines Arztes Die Wünsche der Kunden Die Hochzeit des Jahres


Hausaufgabe für Donnerstag: Übung 7e Seite 36

die Affen die Bäaren die Bären *

Pferde, Voegel

16) die Hühner

die Mäusen, die Mücken, die Schildkörten
17)die schlangen
Pferde, Vögel, löwen
die Katze, die Kätze die Giraffe, die Giraffen die Kuh, die Kühe
die Schafe; die schweine; die wale
die Hunde die Spinnen die Fische
Die Mäuse


Sie sind eine Naschkatze= You have a sweet tooth



Ich glaube, sie hat ihren Mann vom Flughafen abgeholt.
Auf keinen Fall
Während des Essens
Tasse Kaffee
Ich mag kein scharfes Essen.
jahrige achten
sein handy
ganz eindeutig
mengen nimmt
ich hatte
kommt noch was dazu?
Sonnst noch etwas?
einen Herd


Haben Sie sonstnoch einen Wunsch
Prost(Zum bier)
Zum Wohl(Yum wein) Only for alkohol things
Zum wein
Ich hatte gern
Die Leute sind nett.
Haben sie reklamieren
Ja ich ve
Waren Sie mit dem Essen zufrieden? 4)Zahlen Sie zusammen oder getrennt?
der kuli
Die Brille
Der Stift//der Kugelschreiber
der Kuli
die Pflanze
Die Bücher
Die Tasse
Eine Tasse Kaffee
Der Notizblock
der Rechner
Ich habe meine liste abarbeitet.
Ich habe meine Liste abgearbeitet.



Einen termin vereinbaren=


gern geschehen=Only over phone, bitteschon = only over face2face



Ich sehe dich=I see you here sehe is akkusativ

Ich helfe dir=I help you it is dativ
Take help from pons dictionary about learning transitivite and intranstitive verb

Pattern Oriented Software Engineering Course

Here I will put all the class lectures and exercises of pattern oriented software architectures.

1st class 12.11.2020 :
Strategt pattern and it’s UML diagram and when in details for example duck

Now from Exercise Sheet -1 :


Class Object Example

– Earth is a software application where human and other thing is software objects.For creating object we need to create a human class. Humans have basic behaviors as well as some basic attributes age height inches etc.