German N declension and adjective learning

Adjective Declensions


Weak Nouns (the "N-Declension")


Declension Tables

Started Course: Java In Depth Become a Complete Java Engineer

I have started this course from Udemy and will complete soon with all my effort In Sha Allah:


Book Recommendation: Effective Java, Second Edition, Joshua Bloch
Harnessing Java by Kishori Shoron
Head First Java


1st video:

Installed JDK
Environment Setup
Made with Notepad++
then done javac Hello from cmd:
It made Hello class which is platform independent

2nd Video:

Installing Intellij and Setup for Running Java Application:

Section:3 Classes and Objects


Triangular Distribution:

Degree of freedom er f-test and z-test er table duita ki draw koire niye jabo naki ? Oita kivabe mone rakhbo ?

Ei duita test kivabe ber kore seta dekhe rakahte hobe arki

Standard Deviation

Common Cause Failure(CCF)

Germany Driving Rules


FMEA Analysis

STAMP should be hierarchy but FMEA the things where we get thing

Functional Safety: An IEC 61508 SIL 3 Compliant Development Process

Functional Safety: An IEC 61508 SIL 3 Compliant Development Process

Fault Tree Analysis



Teil von mir zu ihre? Bleibst du meine herz ? Doch, eden tag, jeden nacht, du bist im meine herz. Du hast gesagt ? Immer, bis meine letzte atem. Allez ubergesacht

When I look intoyour eyes,I see rainbows in the sky. Maybe you are close to me.

Wollen Sie einen Brief abschicken?Gehen Sie an Schalter zwei!

Wenn Sie einen Brief abschicken wollen, gehen Sie an Schalter zwei


Wir gehen zum Rathaus.
Das Rathaus ist so schön.
Wir gehen zum Rathaus, weil das Rathaus so schön ist

UML Sequence Diagram