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Python String formatting

Playing With String in Function of Python

With First letter capital:

Converting string to int:

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zu+der (female) = zur

zu+dem(maskuline or neutral)= zum

Wohin? = Akkusativ


Wo? = Dativ because no norachora


Possessivartikel and Genitive, VVIP for fluent German skill

abei gilt folgende Zugehörigkeit:

Personalpronomen Possessivartikel
ich mein   banglate amar
du dein    banglate tomar
er sein    banglate tahar
sie ihr       banglate tahar
es sein        banglate etar
wir unser      banglate amader
ihr euer     banglate tomader
sie (Pl.) ihr     banglate tader
Sie (formal) Ihr                      banglate tader

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Touch Command in Bash


As it is very new to me. I am sharing that with you all.


Python String Input Need To Clear From Internet


Python Function Calling







  • Check if a value is of a certain type with:
  1. isinstance(“abc”, str)
  2. isinstance([1, 2, 3], list)


  1. type(“abc”) == str
  2. type([1, 2, 3]) == lst