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JavaScript Code Finally Bujha





What is this keyword in OOP

What is “this”?

You may have noticed something slightly strange in our methods. Look at this one for example:

You are probably wondering what “this” is. The this keyword refers to the current object the code is being written inside — so in this case this is equivalent to person.

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JavaScript Codes

Js Infinity Code:

toString() methods in JavaScript

toString() methd also convert number to string

var x=9.656;
x.toExponential(2); //returns 9.66+0
x.toExponential(4); //returns 9.6560e+0
x.toExponential(6);//returns 9.656000e+0

var x=9.656;
x.toFixed(0); //returns 10
x.toFixed((4); //returns 9.66
x.toFixed(6); //returns 9.656000


var x=9.656
NaN=”Not a Number” value




//Sort the  elements of the array alphabetically


Js Run in Console and Array Sort;

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Node_js also I am practicing from here.


Node.Js code to url parse:


Finished till now.


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