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Pagerank Algorithm Eigenvalue


Square Matrices



Geometric Interpretation




For Loops in Python






Python String formatting

Playing With String in Function of Python

With First letter capital:

Converting string to int:

For Python 1 and 2



Python String Input Need To Clear From Internet


Python Function Calling







  • Check if a value is of a certain type with:
  1. isinstance(“abc”, str)
  2. isinstance([1, 2, 3], list)


  1. type(“abc”) == str
  2. type([1, 2, 3]) == lst

Python Function


Positive/Negative Indexes, Slicing of Tuples


Working with lists and append

Question:Append the first item of weekend to workdays



Dictionary in Python

Assign a dictionary variable day_temperatures.The dictionary should contain three keys ‘morning’,’noon’and evening and each key should containa tuple as value. each tuple should contain three floats.



Difference between tuple and list in python


OOP concept clearings from some MOOC courses





Started My Java Revise and Python Learning

Need to revise everything.

Why Python is Not a Good OOP Language


I’ll go against popular opinion. I started with Python. I did all my projects in my Master’s program in Python. However, after graduating, I started working for a company that worked on Microsoft stack. I realized the importance of strongly typed language when it came to writing large applications. I fell for “hey, how simple it is to write hello world program in python” trick. Everything looks nice, and feels better when you write a to-do app. You’ll see the real face of the language when your application grows. I recommend learning python after you have mastered a strongly typed language like Java/C#. There are “recommended” ways to write Python but not enforced upon. Also, I’ve heard learning about types is not a big hurdle for beginners.