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Exercise Sheet 5

1d theke clear na , eta clear korte hobe , In Sha Allah.


Lagle onno kono tutorial ba example dekhte hobe.

Exercise Sheet 4

Data Mining Methods: Unit 4
Correlation and Simple Linear Regression

Interpretation of the correlation coefficient
Possible range: [-1, 1]
-1: perfect negative linear relationship
0: no linear relationship,
1: perfect positive linear relationship.

Regression: Objective

To predict one variable from other variables.
To explain the variability of one variable using the other variables.

Predicts scores on one variable from the scores on a second variable.

Response variable: predicting variable (Y )
Predictor variable: predictions based on this variable (X)

Simple regression:
Only one predictor variable; otherwise multiple regression

Linear regression:

Predictions of the response variable (Y ) is a linear function of  the predictor variable (X)

Math Update Sommer Semester


Propositional Logic : Truth Table and Contradiction



Knowledge Representation:



What is this keyword in OOP

What is “this”?

You may have noticed something slightly strange in our methods. Look at this one for example:

You are probably wondering what “this” is. The this keyword refers to the current object the code is being written inside — so in this case this is equivalent to person.

JavaScript OOP Paradigm Clear


Touch Command in Bash


As it is very new to me. I am sharing that with you all.

OOP concept clearings from some MOOC courses





Started My Java Revise and Python Learning

Need to revise everything.

Stored Procedures






SQL Identity Key ,T-SQL

Microsoft SQL Server?s identity column generates sequential values for new records using a seed value. Seeding and reseeding an identity column is easy and relatively safe, if you do it correctly. Susan Sales Harkins shows you how it works.


Some Resources(Books, Links) for OOAD

Polymorphism: Method Overloading and Method Overriding and Method Hiding

Method Overriding:

another good exmple:

this video is good for learning overriding:

Method Hiding:


OOP Topics Need To Cover

OOP Topics Need To Cover