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Sorting Algorithm : Insertion Sort

From this two video I tried to re learn and implement the algorithm with pseudo code.


Implemented Code in C:

2015-08-07 13_30_30-C__Users_User_Desktop_insertionsort.exe

Here ary[] means array 🙂


Harvard CS50 course:

GeeksForGeeks Algo Implement(Not Worked Yet):
Practice Problem:

CLRS Theory:

Simple Implementation of Insertion Sorting(Idea Sanfoundry):

It is helpful:

Time complexity of Insertion Sort:

  • Worst case complexity : O(n^2)
  • Best case complexity :    O(n)
  • Average case complextiy:  O(n^2)Reference:

How to calculate complexity there is a example available at the upper video “Lecture 7”

and there are some links

Here a good presentation about this sorting


For descending order I took help from:
Here they change the comparison value for descending at while loop condition

Another good website:

Time complexity of insertion sort when there are O(n) inversions?

For some theory revise this video is good:

URI Online Judge Solution | 1041 Coordinates of a Point

Here is the logic,  1041

If x!=0 and y==0 then it will be in the y asix and
If y!=0 and x==0 then it will be in the x axis

that means you have to understand if what the value is equivalent to 0 then it will be in that axis

And one thing = means assignment operator if x=y then if x=5 then y=5

and == means comparison operator if x==y then if x==4 and y==5 then x!=y so it will be false

and if x=5 and y=5 then x==y and it is true



and like this can do



Here in this code you have to think about the flow which normally starts from the 0 and the compiler starts punctuating the code from Zero 0.

logic flow can be start from 0 then can be happen through greater than or equal

It’s better to do in C/C++ main format

Bash For Loops



we can check at the end that loop is not working by this



Another examples can be c like styles:

Bash IF Else with for loop break and continue  have to practice later time 🙂


Here is the video all for loop explained beautifully


Bash Programming : Say user hello !

Take a name from user and say hello user! 😀


Bash Programming : Check typed name is a valid $USER or not

I tried it hardly….Here you have to maintain the syntax

echo expr ""Hello Name

and this conditional

if [ “foo” = “foo” ]; then
echo expression evaluated as true

or the same things can be written as

if[ “foo” = “foo” ]
echo expr "Hello !"

if..then..else in bash

if [ “zaki” = “live” ]
echo expr "True !"
else echo
expr “False!”

conditional with variables
if [ "$t1" = "t2" ]
expr “True”
expr “False”`
fi #you have to end with this if you started with if



Bash Programming : Multiplication

Here I tried this on ubuntu

To create the file

code type in the terminal:

save the file and close editing mode:

change the permission of this file:

to show the output


Bash Programming : Addition

Here I tried this on ubuntu

To create the file

code type in the terminal:

don’t give space after or before equal sign

save the file and close editing mode:

change the permission of this file:

to show the output

Shortcut method for addition or any other:
create a file with cat then type code from the below in one line

here 1 2 and 3 is variable is taking input from user and also giving teh output so we sue $ before them….it is the shortcut method

then just type

and you will get the addition of this variables

GRE Preparation: Vocabulary Practice

Here I tried to do some practice about vocabulary

Hibernate or Sleep which is best ?

From my point of view and by searching various websites  I have found that

Hibernate is good that it resume all of your work after an extended period of time…..And do not use any power while close

and For sleep it can be use for shortest period of time and it uses some power while close…

So hibernate is good from the comparison and my personal experience

But we have to be cautious not to do those things too much Hibernate or Sleep that can sometimes causes the damage for hard disk if power interruption or any misinterpretation happens.



URI Online Judge Solution | 1040 – Average 3

Keep check on the line “Calculate the average with weights 2,3,4 e 1” actually that means you have to use the avergae formula like this


and check this line “followed by the typed score”..You have to input this value before showing

Note: URI,UVA,codeforces and in various online judges there is presentation error if you dont give new line after every output value that means in C you have to give “\n” in every printf/output line otherwise it will show “Presentation Error” on the OJ’s