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Germany Driving Rules


Getting Working Student/Part Time Jobs in Germany

= Apply only part time/working student jobs
= mention this at CV/ cover letter
= mention you have residence permit

German Software Engineer Job Salary and Hours Calculation According to laws

Opportunity to work as a student at Germany:

120 full days*8hours = 960 hours
240half days*4 hours = 960 hours

So monthly if it is 80 hours per month then after 12 months it is 12*80 = 960 hours

Monthly salary if it  is = 11 euro/per hour

So 80 hours*11=880 euro per month

How you calculate 80 hours?
Okay, 80 hours = 20 hours per week,so if a month has 4 week then 20*4=80 hours per month.



Germany Exam

Obligatory Radio Bill In Germany :(

Here I have shared some links:

German Bureucracy to Complete After Coming For Study

Anmeldung : the compulsory registration