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If you enjoyed this video I would highly recommend you the TED talk by Alain called ” A kinder, gentler philosophy of success”, the book ” Status Anxiety” and the documentary with the same name which you can find on youtube. All three of them have a life changing quality, since they change the way you look at yourself and the people around you. You really learn to be more tender, wise and non-judging, especially towards strangers. Very valuable work really!

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Justin Song
Will do, thank you!



Arisha Nazir
I’ll have to look into them! This was a great video



Richard Hollis
I definitely second this. It was a little painful to me to see such an excellent thesis being compressed into a 5 min video. But the full thing is definitely worth your time.



+Lua Veli Thanks 🙂



Lua Veli
+Ali Zahid You are welcome:-)


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When it comes to the workplace the friend that exist is your paycheck. There are no friends when money is in the picture.







Very very very fruitful videos

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Very very fruitful videos



Don’t reveal secret



There’s an old saying. ‘The less you say… the less you have to answer for.’


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