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PHP-GCM to specified destination number


Reference: https://gist.github.com/prime31/5675017#file-gistfile1-php-L16



To call this from browser you have to call like this


another example: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11242743/gcm-with-php-google-cloud-messaging

Edit php.ini file of your VPS via SSH

Use vi editor to open php5’s php.ini file at ubuntu or any debian based os:

Root login to your VPS then write the command

To save this change:

Exit without save:

Restart web server to perform the changes:

PHP MySQL based simple image uploading system

I tried to built this system from youtube videos and by searching net.

I am sharing the code and what I have learnt today 🙂

We will use two php file in an one directory

Then go to your phpmyadmin and create a table then create a database and create a table name ‘store’ or paste this sql query on the SQL box on your phpmyadmin

then create one file with your PHP IDE or different text editor and paste this code name of the file will be:index.php

Read out the whole code line by line and you will be definitely understand what I have written.

and second just create a get.php file and paste the code

Don’t forget to give your database name ,table name and password for your database username and then if you can connect successfully

Voila ! you are done ! 🙂

You can checkout this whole project in my github  I made it public and opensource you can also fork it and contribute.

Github : http://github.com/zakilive/phpimageupload

Please keep a comment if it’s helped you  or you have found any bug.Thanks for reading 🙂