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Mental Math Tricks

Will share that soon

Let me love you – One of my favorite DJ mix

Difference between AI, Machine Learning, NLP and Deep Learning

Different terms for:


Artificial Intelligence will lead the future

Google and the Self-Driving Car

Data Science Track

1. Watch all the videos in youtube regarding data science including algorithms.
2. For data mining complete a series example Rushdi Shams with WEKA
3. For basic theory:
Watch and complete UDACITY, Andrew NG  machine  learning course step by step.
Udacity course I have found much interesting than Andrew NG but I will finish both In Sha Allah
4. There is a UDEMY paid course hands on data science with python
5. For python learn from codeacademy
UBUNTU is good rather windows for python
6. Subeen vaia’s book is also good for python

To be continued

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Top 5 popular data science algorithms

Top 5 popular data science algorithms:

Decision Tree
Random Fores
Association Rule Mining
Linear Regression
K-means Clustering

Data science is nothing but extracting and actionable knowledge from data:

Data Scienctist must know data architecture , machine learning, data analytics.

Machine Learning Algorithms(sample)

Unsupervised Supervised
Clustering Regression
Kmeans Linear
SVD Polynomial
PCA Decision Trees
Radom Forests

Association Analysis Classification
Apriori KNN
FP Growth Trees
Hidden Markov Model Logistic Regression
Naive Bayes

Supervised Learning: The categories of the data is already known
Unsupervised Learning: The learning process attempts to find appropriate category for the data.

Life Motivation

Look for Love

Love Language:

Motivational Researcher

Thesis Formatting


How AI will lead the future ?


Artificial intelligence, revealed



always believe in beauty of your dreams, no matter what others say, believe in Allah and do your best forgive others before sleep, life is beautiful.

Everyone is not by born talented but hard works beat talent if someone tries from his heart. Not every one is same in this earth….If you search you will see everyone has some unique potential that unique features of him/her made this earth so beautiful…I feel guilty when people judge someone not by walking the shoes of others…It’s very easy to judge anyone but hard to find the beauty…Second one will give the value of your life when you do….

Mission Data Scientist

Random Thoughts

When I do cycling or gym I feel really good. I don’t know why Allah(SWT) made me like this. 🙁 After working out I can do almost anything what I couldn’t do before easily! :/ Though very few companies in our country have this advantages but sometimes I think if a good software company give me free gym facilities I will really think about them. Sometimes I think if anyone in my life appreciate about my fitness lifestyle I will make a space in my heart for her. I will do cycling with her at cold evening to enjoy the cold breeze 🙁