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My journey through 2017

My journey through 2017:

  • Passed my dream subject CSE in 4 years by keeping a decent CGPA, thesis, extra curriculur, research papers, hackathons, project fair, ACM contests, math olympiad without any fail/retake in undergraduate
  • Did 1.5 years research thesis based on ML
  • Took some undergraduate classes
  • Got the graduation convocation cap
  • Done TA ship successfully
  • Solved 250+ more ACM type algorithmic problems after graduation
  • Submitted data mining paper and rejected 2 times from IEEE
  • Found that there is no job in BD industry for CSE researchers all are developing jobs except teaching career.
  • Moved to PHP based platform
  • Some failed interview for Software Engineering position
  • Got job at April 1 as a software engineer for 3.5 years just after practicing 20 days laravel framework ; there condition was so strict though! :/
  • unfortunately missed it
  • Found the condition of PHP jobs in the BD job market though I loved it since my childhood 🙁
  • Switched to C#/.NET
  • Enrolled professional training outside of university curriculum for the first time through LICT+BCC scholarship
  • Got one semester temporary fulltime Lecturer position from an reputed university after passing 3-4 types of interview including written tests.
  • Seen everyone got the Lecturer job in FB page before Eid, I thought I am not selected and no chances, then I focused in C# training but one day got the call from HR unfortunately missed it for not understanding the HR tones of saying while I was sleeping after whole night coding the  C# homework. Missed it 🙁
  • Attended BUET exam for the first time and failed :/
  • Got decent merit position in JU with 3 hr preparation for MSc
  • Got sick for the first time for jaundice
  • Attended some govt. job exam and found this is maybe not for me
  • published my technical blog with everyone in facebook after 7 years
  • My blog got hacked after 4 years
  • Recovered successfully in 10 minutes! :p
  • Learned about people, met with lots of positive and negative people, Learned some terms loyal,disloyal,fake from the real life
  • Searched someone special for myself
  • To be continued.
  • I am happy with my life and I have both failure and some success stories in 2017 which I didn’t share before. I am exploring my life. I am happy with it. Allah knows better where I am going in coming years. Please keep me in your prayers. 🙂

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Never Quit

Never Quit Part 3


চেস্টা ক রে হেরে যাওয়াতে লজ্জার কিছু নাই…লজ্জা তো তারাই পাবে যারা চেস্টা ক রতে ভয় পায়


যারা চেষ্টা করে না, অন্যদেরকেও টেনে নিচে নামিয়ে রাখতে চায়, ওদের কথায় কান দেবেন না।

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