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Don’t waste your time! Never ever!!

Don’t waste your time! Never ever!!

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Rules For Learning Something New


Sounds like you are going for a full immersion strategy which is a great way to learn. It’s like learning a new spoken language. The best way is to immerse yourself.

That being said you will want to make sure you don’t burn out. Here are my tips.

  • Automate your life so little distractions don’t get in the way. I would eliminate the need to do basic things like food shopping, dry cleaning, laundry etc. The way you do this is to order your groceries online and have them delivered. Find a dry cleaning and laundry service to pick up and drop off your clothing.
  • Exercise is going to be important to keep your body in shape. You don’t need to be a marathoner but try to get at least 20 minutes of physical activity.
  • Eat Well. This tip is vital to ensure you get the right nutrients to feed your brain. You are undergoing a very tough task and will need to be running on all cylinders.
  • Coffee & Tea are your friends. They will help keep you sharp and focused.
  • Sleep is important. You want to retain the information you take in and if you’re not rested that will be difficult.
  • Cut the cable and limit your distractions with social media websites (Quora is an exception).
  • Practice Time Blocking. This will help you to optimize your time for peak efficiency.
  • Use cheat days where you just bum out and allow yourself and your brain to just relax. It’s like working out, you shouldn’t go hard 7 days a week, you typically want to have a day of rest.
  • Enlist your friends and family to be supportive of your endeavor. If they help you stay focused then you will have it easier than if they don’t understand and become a major distraction.

These are just some tips to help you accomplish your goal of becoming a Full Stack Developer.

Hopefully this helps. Good Luck.

learning a language is easy, it’s learning to program that is hard

The key is to learn programming, and not worry about the language too much.

Agree with Jon Harrop , I think teaching C is basically a good idea. It teaches you how the computer actually works, or at least a software representation of how it actually works.

Yes, there are easier languages than C, but what benefit does it bring to the student if a University shields from the reality that programming can actually be kind of difficult?

Besides, learning a language is easy, it’s learning to program that is hard. In college it doesn’t really matter if you learn C, or C#, or Python or whatever, you’ll learn probably 5 or 10 other languages by the end of your career. The key is to learn programming, and not worry about the language too much.

We don’t learn C so that we only work in C our whole careers, learning another language will come easy to you in later years.

However, I do think there is huge value in learning C as a route to learning what is actually going on when programs run. Python suits lots of tasks, and beginners too, but if you’re in university you need to get out of that beginner mindset ASAP, and that means not avoiding stuff because it’s hard.

What are the lessons people most often learn too late in life?

  1. Physical appearance, height and complexion matter 1% for success. Rest 99% is your hard work.
  2. Chasing opposite/same sex is a big mistake instead of chasing your passion.
  3. Time is a great healer and a great killer. Anyone wasting time suffers a lot.
  4. Following the rules and regulation which are followed by 99% average people is a huge blunder.
  5. Not doing hard work and not taking calculated risk at early ages of your life make your life miserable.
  6. Listening to the advice of parents, relatives and friends can distract your mind from choosing the right career for your life.
  7. Family is a source of happiness. If you don’t give enough time to your family, it creates huge distance from your family members.
  8. Higher education, practical knowledge, training and experience make your career progressive.
  9. Never trust all people.
  10. Never work for money, work for your passion.
  11. Don’t follow the crowd, follow your own way.
  12. Sometimes you have to take rude decision for the betterment of life.
  13. Rejection and failure help a person to reinvent his/her potentiality. So, rejection and failure are required to be successful. Steve Jobs is the best example for that.
  14. You must have audacity of hope and courage to implement it. Suppose you had an outstanding Entrepreneurial idea and you didn’t use it. Your idea may be implemented by someone else and they may get huge success. You failed because you didn’t implement it and it’s just a brilliant idea, nothing else.
  15. Complaining about everything will not solve your problem, you must take initiatives to solve the problem.
  16. Running away from your difficulties in life cannot relieve your difficulties. You must take proper steps to face the difficulties.
  17. Life is full of sufferings and pain. You must let these go and don’t hold these in your life.
  18. Our time is limited. So, do whatever you love and chase your passion.
  19. Don’t compete with other people. You should compete with yourself.
  20. Never procrastinate. Your life will be stumbled at every path.
  21. Take care of your health and mind. Do meditation and run every morning.
  22. You can not do everything. Focus on few things and be an expert on these specific skills.
  23. Don’t expend money unnecessarily. Deposit, spend and invest money wisely.
  24. Love your job, but don’t love your company, because your company may fire you at any time.
  25. Life’s real failure is when you do not realize how you were close to the success when you gave up.


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