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ArrayList in Java

ArrayList in Java:



LinkedList is faster for manipulation but slower for retrieval and ArrayList is slower for manipulation but faster for retrieval


My Beautiful Crafted Java OOP


Started Course: Java In Depth Become a Complete Java Engineer

I have started this course from Udemy and will complete soon with all my effort In Sha Allah:


Book Recommendation: Effective Java, Second Edition, Joshua Bloch
Harnessing Java by Kishori Shoron
Head First Java


1st video:

Installed JDK
Environment Setup
Made with Notepad++
then done javac Hello from cmd:
It made Hello class which is platform independent

2nd Video:

Installing Intellij and Setup for Running Java Application:

Section:3 Classes and Objects

2d Array and 3D array some problem but will clear later now I should move on with other topics.

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What is this keyword in OOP

What is “this”?

You may have noticed something slightly strange in our methods. Look at this one for example:

You are probably wondering what “this” is. The this keyword refers to the current object the code is being written inside — so in this case this is equivalent to person.

Java Programming Recap In Sha Allah

OOP concept clearings from some MOOC courses





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