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Data Science: Discrete vs Continuous

Loops in python

Loops in python:


FOR Loop with index



Ubuntu Directories

Making Predictions with WEKA

How to Save Your Machine Learning Model and Make Predictions in Weka

Decision Tree

Female Computer Scientist

How to live healthy !

Data Mining Deep Study – Confusion Matrix

A confusion matrix shows the number of correct and incorrect predictions made by the classification models compared by actual outcomes (target value) in the data.


Found a good lecture regarding confusion matrix with easy explanation for HIV AIDS. Video is found below and my own drawing regarding this is also given below:


My parents don’t know I was a mad lover of GTA series since my school life(class 4)…When GTA V trailer was released in 2009 after my SSC, I upgraded my pc and waited a lot for releasing of this game but time passed and they delayed to release it. In my university life I was busy with academic stuffs so I barely get chances to play this game and my graphics card got jammed for not using too much. Recently Rockstar Games released Artificial Intelligence and other engineering behind this game. It is a pleasure for me now as I am understanding little bit of the engineering behind this game as a CS graduate. I was their die hard fan once upon a time and still I am. If I get some space in my life to play this game I am sure I can find the peace

Assembly Lab Report

Lab Report During My Graduation

You can visit my github for more codes and details related to Assembly language programming:

Some exercises I need to use instead of others

WEKA Rushdi Shams Track

In 3rd video it explains some of the details about different results output comes. It’s important.

In 4th video blue is yes and red is no

In 5th video it’s explained about the testing and training in details so it must be watched.

In 7th video K fold 10 means 10 different models for 10 different folds

In 8th we have tried the IRIS data

In 9th feature selection methods where attribute can be selected for different algorithms and results may vary. (Wrapper method)
feauture selection means attribute selection

In 10th ranker algotihms uses for ranking features or attributes wrapper method for machine learning tasks where filter method useful for data mining tasks

URI Online Judge Solution | 1049 Animal

strcmp in c/c++ issues is the hard part nothing else…Just try to learn this 🙂
Logical condition based problem it was.



String Compare in C/C++

URI Online Judge Solution | 1048 Salary Increase

My failed code:

My succeeded accepted code: