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Training Set, Validation Set, Test Set

Training Set is a subset of the dataset used to build predictive models.
Validation Set is a subset of the dataset used to assess the performance of model built in the training phase
– It provides a test platform for fine-tuning model’s parameters and selecting the best performing model
– Not all modeling algorithms need a validation set
Test set or unseen examples is a subset of the dataset to assess the likely future performance of a model.
– If a model fits the training set much better than it fits the test set. Overfitting is probably the cause


Binary Classification(two class classification)

true|false, 1|0, -1|+1, male|female

Multi-class classification problems can be seen as binary classification problems.

Model Evaluation:

Machine Learning in Easy Way

Deep Learning, Deep Neural Network:



@relation weather

@attribute outlook {sunny, overcast, rainy}
@attribute temperature numeirc
@attribute humidity numeric
@attribute windy {TRUE,FALSE}
@attribute play {yes,no}

sunny, 90, 77, TRUE, no
overcast, 88, 90, FALSE, no

Difference between AI, Machine Learning, NLP and Deep Learning

Different terms for:


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For predicting class from model


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