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11559 – Event Planning

By thinking 24 hr++ I have solved this problem.I got guidance from my friend M.H Riyad also..He discussed and showed me how to solve this problem easily..Thank you dost for your kindness 🙂

Here is my code it is accepted..Alhamdulillah 🙂

PHP MySQL based simple image uploading system

I tried to built this system from youtube videos and by searching net.

I am sharing the code and what I have learnt today 🙂

We will use two php file in an one directory

Then go to your phpmyadmin and create a table then create a database and create a table name ‘store’ or paste this sql query on the SQL box on your phpmyadmin

then create one file with your PHP IDE or different text editor and paste this code name of the file will be:index.php

Read out the whole code line by line and you will be definitely understand what I have written.

and second just create a get.php file and paste the code

Don’t forget to give your database name ,table name and password for your database username and then if you can connect successfully

Voila ! you are done ! 🙂

You can checkout this whole project in my github  I made it public and opensource you can also fork it and contribute.

Github :

Please keep a comment if it’s helped you  or you have found any bug.Thanks for reading 🙂

Uva 11498 – Division of Nlogonia

Solution actually simple…You have to think simple

here is the cartesian co ordinate link check here then think

Code with one technique

Code with another technique


Some ICPC related programming techniques in c

Sometimes i feel i have to write those in somewhere so i am writing those techniques here which I am learning day by day by reviewing others code….

Here ==1 means TRUE and the program will enter the loop if anything inside the loop will work except zero 0.

Here for(;;) means infinity loop run and everything will work fine except k==0..when zero come program will stop to run

You can also put all of your input in your extended outside text file and load it in the console
by this code


uva 11172 – Relational Operator

Art of Effective Living Online Course Exam Experience

I am sharing Art of Effective Living Online Course Exam Experience here….Here I am writing answers where my sir asked me to write  any of my special capacity which made me extraordinary…

I have Team Leading Capacity

From my self evaluation I am sharing here why this capacity is extraordinary:

1.I love to lead my team as well as I love to be a team player.
2.How the situation goes on I love to maintain well balanced communication with my team members.
3.I love to listen from my team members.
4.I love to follow the community standards.
5.I love to struggle to handle the difficult situations from outwards or inwards for my team.

Some format specifiers in C

The % Format Specifiers

The % specifiers that you can use in ANSI C are:

Usual variable type Display

%c char single character

%d (%i) int signed integer

%e (%E) float or double exponential format

%f float or double signed decimal

%g (%G) float or double use %f or %e as required

%o int unsigned octal value

%p pointer address stored in pointer

%s array of char sequence of characters

%u int unsigned decimal

%x (%X) int unsigned hex value

I have collected those from this website