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Sadness, Hurt and Madness.

Sadness, Hurt and Madness, I think this song will give some tranquility.



Punctuation Rules Regarding Bullet Points

Found this link helpful. 🙂

ACM Frustrations

That might be faced by almost everyone.

Mission Machine Learning

Lifestyle Goals

Mission Data Mining


For predicting class from model


Machine Learning Future Motivation

How can you give tribute for your true love ?

This post will give you this idea.

talking with dead people is possible virtually using machine learning(AI)…someone created this for her true love 🙂

Being single !

Being single is benefited from various aspects….You can flirt with girls without anyone’s notices.

And in a relationship u are not getting that freedom..

But at the end of the day you need someone for sharing your happiness, joys and sorrows with someone special. You can’t do that when you are single. That’s the fact ! 🙂


Research Motivation

” Nothing to fear in Research. it starts with a question. just go for its solution and make your own solution. ”
Prof. Dr. Syed Akhter Hossian.

” If you know many thing u can be a good researcher, if you don’t know anything you can be a better researcher. then you will have your own way to solve a problem.”
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Kayokobad.



I have died every day waiting for you :(

Didn’t find you yet ! 🙁

Perfect Two

Machine Learning: Labeled or Unlabeled