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Become a Software Engineer in PHP platform


28 Oct 2016 · answer

  1. First, obligatory learn those topics very well: HTTP, cookies, sessions, caching, gzip, OSI model, DNS, SMTP, HTTPS, HTTP2
  2. Understand Web Standards, HTML, CSS from W3C and MDN
  3. Go though official PHP7 documentation on
  4. Read about Computer science, data structures, algorithms, Software engineering principles, design patterns, OOP, Functional programming, MVC, Dependency Injection. Many articles available on Hashnode, Quora and Medium. You also may try FreeCodeCamp. Good free online video tutorial series available on Udacity
  5. Learn SQL, MySQL 5.7
  6. Learn unix basics, commands, Apache or nginx, hosts file, make local domain (usually ending with .dev or .local)
  7. Set up your local environment with PHP7, MySQL5.7, Apache/nginx installed, configured (I recommend install all them manually and not using something like WAMP, it’s not so hard, even on Windows)
  8. Make a simple own MVC application on plain PHP
  9. Install Composer and learn about it and package management.
  10. Start watching
  11. Learn basics of Node, npm, install node.js
  12. Go though whole documentation of Laravel 5.3
  13. Make your own Laravel app
  14. Register at GitHub
  15. Read Laravel’s or any other popualr PHP project source code (at least some part of it), make you to understand every single line and operation, what it does and how
  16. Repeat 10 000 times.


Advice For PHP Developer

PHP Development is quite easy and fun to work at. Here are a few tips that should help you to be a good PHP developer.

  1. Use OOP : Using classes (or Objects) will keep like things together and remove the repetition of code and perform basic tasks of production very easily.
  2. Keep your distance from anything ending with _once() :  include_once() and require_once() is extremely hard on server resources. These things will kill your server resources.
  3. Design Patterns : Design Patterns are some default structure solutions to solve problems of design, but the application design (modelling). But, why should I learn that? Just to write a better code and improve reusability. With design patterns you will find some default common problems and every time you find that problem you will find a default design to apply, so it’s easy to solve design solutions in your project.
    (recommended : “Head First Design Patterns”)
  4. Use Frameworks : If you are a PHP developer that concerns about security and productivity I recommend you to use a framework. It will improve your development speed and you will have a better designed and structured application.
  5. Use PHP’s inbuilt functions :  PHP has many built-in functions that can do what you need them to, so check out the manual to make sure you are doing it in the best way possible.
  6. PHP: The Right Way : Stay updated with what’s happening in the PHP world.
  7. Well documented and commented code.
  8. Code Code Code.

That’s pretty much all about it. Hope that helps.



Design Patterns in PHP

PHP/or any other platform freshers qualification


Mission laravel: Installation

laravel installation:

example for me:

in this case laravel will install from the latest version

PHP OOP Project

Basic Simple Project By Me:

By Others:
From OOP Fundamentals udemy Video project:


PHP Regex

Regex Tutorial:

Best Site To Learn Tutorial (Will start from this page other pages completed before)


example from regex


PHP OOP: Class, Method, Object, Instance, Declare, Echo, Inheritance,Constructor,Access Control,Static!

PHP OOP example described here from edwin’s video:

Inheritance example:


Access control: Public, Private, Protected

Static Data in Class:


Arguement about PHP ! every language is good but you can change later after mastering in one :)

I’ve never liked the whole vs. idea of frameworks and langauges. I don’t like that programmers and developers battle each other on the fact that some languages are better than others. The truth is, every language is better at something (well except maybe Whitespace). I wish programmers and developers could look at other languages and frameworks and be inspired by the things it did right, instead of  brush it off and say “Well mine is still better because of x and y!”.

In your specific case, you should hands down choose the framework based on if you are more familiar with PHP or Ruby. Program your application in what you’re comfortable with, then in your free time practice the other and gain Comfortability with it and make your own decision about which you like more. You are the only person who can decide which is better for you. Both Laravel and Ruby on Rails are absolutely amazing frameworks, and both have personally inspired me a lot. I would suggest somewhere down the line learning both of them, however for now I would say work with whatever language you know best.

Best of luck to you and happy coding!


Interview Syllabus for Freshers in PHP


Aptitude & IQ > Puzzle

Object Oriented Programming > Design Principle

PHP Framework > Laravel

Web Development > Html5

Relational Database > MySQL

Software Engineering > UML Diagram

Programming Language > PHP

My own view:
– Javascript, JSON, RESTful api, SOAP
– Popular or Basic Algorithm and Data Structure(Searching, Sorting, Stack, Queue, DFS, BFS)
– SQL Query
– Simple CRUD app hands on coding with some json or ajax call
– OOP Principles with PHP/Laravel basic question(e.g: routing,mvc etc.)

These are enough preparation for fresher in a software company.

Target: Small Goals -> To pass the interview

PHP Developer Job Requirements Goal

Software Engineer

If you’re looking for somewhere to do serious PHP development, this is the place. We’re looking for brilliant PHP developers to join our team. If you want to share your knowledge while learning from others, work sustainably, and work on some serious projects, we think you’ll love working with us.

Job Description / Responsibility

  • Design and build quality web applications using MVC based framework
  • Write clean, object oriented and rational code according to set coding convention
  • Design normalized and optimized database schema
  • Work directly with clients to manage requirements


  • At least 2 years of professional work experience in PHP
  • Excellent working knowledge of PHP5 and web application development
  • Experienced with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP
  • Experienced with at least one MVC framework
  • Experienced with JavaScript libraries

Software Engineer (PHP), Full-stack (m/f)

This is a full-time position based in Berlin

At ResearchGate, we connect the world of science and make research accessible for all.

Working with us offers you the chance to use your knowledge and technical expertise to change science for the better, and you’ll be doing it as part of a dynamic and international team. Come join us, and make an immediate impact.

The position

We’re looking for skilled software engineers who care about efficiency and maintainable software. Our challenges include scaling to respond rapidly and servicing our millions of users while consistently providing them with complex data. We strive to create a fast yet reliable platform enabling our developers to continuously ship updates.


  • Maintain systems for easy integration and reuse
  • Work with our product engineers to deliver scalable solutions
  • Develop, implement, optimize, and maintain the services powering our platform
  • Take responsibility for your own solutions and continuously improve on them


  • Experience developing using PHP and related tools such as Composer
  • Expert knowledge of storage systems such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB
  • Expert knowledge in building and maintaining scalable web applications
  • Knowledge of web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Solid experience in testing applications using tools such as PHPUnit and Behat
  • Previous experience working with Symfony Components and creating console applications is a plus
  • Very good command of English required, German is a plus

Your profile

  • You excel at engineering maintainable, efficient, and scalable software
  • You enjoy working with great people in a fast-paced environment
  • You understand our mission and want to help us achieve it


You’ll be working in a fast-paced environment where code is written, tested and shipped continuously. Our engineering team is passionate about building maintainable, scalable web applications that are constantly optimized to meet the needs of our users – 12+ million researchers worldwide.

Join our highly-skilled international team in our company headquarters in the heart of Berlin. Work to change the world of science and have a good time while you’re at it: we offer free, healthy lunches and many fun events.

Multiple PHP Developer Positions


Intersection Technologies Inc., founded in 2008, builds and operates eCommerce technology solutions for automobile dealerships, F&I product agencies, aftermarket F&I product providers and automotive finance companies in North America.

We offer a fun, casual work environment where your skills, experience and ideas will help drive our growth strategies. We offer medical and life insurance for employees, 3 weeks paid vacation in the first year of employment, and optional family medical coverage (BCBS of TX). Background check and drug test will be required.

Multiple positions for mid- and senior-level software engineering positions are available to work on a growing team that includes offshore team members. Immediate interviews and quick decisions for well-qualified candidates. Candidates applying may be asked to complete a pre-interview coding task based upon their experience to demonstrate competence. Please indicate if you would like to be considered solely for the senior level position.
Soft Skills

  • Self-directed work ethic with attention to detail and good communication skills
  • Adaptable enough to handle interruptions and maintain quality of work product
  • Able to provide accurate estimates and meet commitments
  • Good listener with a willingness to learn
  • Able to receive and offer constructive feedback in a positive manner



  • Write coherent, well-structured code adhering to OOP principles and company standards
  • Develop enhancements and refactor codebase to maintain and improve existing products
  • Work with support to diagnose client specific issues and write unit and integration tests
  • Share knowledge with other team members by providing feedback and mentoring
  • Participate in the Agile process and suggest improvements to make the team more effective
  • Document system design and functional / data workflows as needed


Skills & Experience

3+ years of the following:

  • PHP / MySQL programming on a LAMP stack
  • Experience using PHP frameworks (Zend, Symfony, Laravel…)
  • Creation of and integration with SOAP and REST API’s
  • Strong knowledge and experience with using XML
  • Good understanding and experience with CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • Using an IDE for development such as Eclipse, NetBeans, PHPStorm etc.

Desirable experience:

  • Experience in gathering business requirements and translating into implementation plans
  • Experience in supporting SaaS applications
  • Experience using JIRA, git development workflows and CI delivery process
  • Experience using Vagrant, VM, Cloud hosting (AWS, Rackspace…)
  • Experience with utilizing Monitoring tools such as NewRelic, Splunk, GrayLog to triage issues
  • Experience with configuring and or using NoSQL and Document databases
PHP Developer

Job Details




Position Overview:

A software developer is an integral part of our team. As a developer, you will be involved in all facets of the software building process as it relates to the company as a whole. We have a fast-paced development cycle, which allows us to patch and push new code through our processes quickly and efficiently. From CoS (Conditions of Satisfaction) review, to coding, to peer review, to GIT management, to production troubleshooting, you will get to experience it all.

Desired Profile:

You have a desire to create great software. You enjoy working in a collaborative team environment to achieve a common goal. You understand and appreciate that coding is an art form that requires continuous work and refinement. You enjoy the thrill of taking a problem, helping define it in terms that can be incorporated into our product, and then designing, coding, and seeing the solution released into production. Given minimal information, you can root out the cause of an issue and patch it in a maintainable fashion. You have a keen awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, embrace both and are not afraid to offer help or request help should the situation warrant it.

Competencies / Work Style:

  • Attention to detail

  • Effective communicator

  • Flexible, can handle changes in direction and interruptions

  • Effectively manages deadlines and deliverables

  • Accurately estimates timelines for projects

  • Firm grasp of personal strengths and weaknesses

  • Excellent listener with an openness to other’s ideas

  • Willingness to learn

  • Willing to help other team members with their understanding of coding topics, standards and practices

  • Receives and offers constructive feedback in a positive manner

Position Responsibilities:

  • Code according to industry and team standards, adhering to OOP principles

  • Write coherent, well-structured design plans for CoS (Conditions of Satisfaction)

  • Work with support to diagnose client specific issues as they relate to our product and the user database

  • Share knowledge with other team members by providing feedback and offering guidance from your experience

  • Write clear, comprehensive test cases for QA

  • Attend and actively engage other team members during meetings to discuss backlog items, design issues, and best coding practices

  • Actively involved in the code and functional reviews of fellow developer’s work, being able to spot logic and functional issues and effectively communicate feedback

  • Work with QA through test cases and help troubleshoot issues

  • Document processes, features and functions in our development Wiki.



  • 5+ years working with C based language, PHP preferred

    • OOP standards knowledge

    • Knowledge/experience with a framework (Laravel, Symfony 1.x or 2.x, Zend, etc.)

  • 2+ years experience with SQL, MySQL preferred

    • Knowledge and experience in database design

    • Knowledge and experience writing procedures and triggers

  • 2+ years experience working with API’s (Paypal, Salesforce, Mailgun)

  • Experience working in an agile environment

  • Experience with code management software, GIT preferred (SVN, CVS, etc.)

  • 3+ years HTML experience

    • Experience building html pages and emails

    • Experience working in software with prebuilt pages and ability to keep the coding and the look and feel consistent

  • 3+ years CSS experience

    • Experience working with web pages or software that requires a common look and feel using standard, accepted CSS

  • 2+ years JS experience

    • Experience with using various libraries (Prototype, jQuery, etc.)

    • Experience coding browser compatible JS without the use of a library

  • CLI (command line interface) experience

    • Comfortable using basic commands in a Linux environment

    • VIM experience

    • Accessing and using MySQL through a CLI

Job Opportunity:

Title: PHP/Laravel developer – Full time
Position: Entry Level/Internship

– Design and code new features and enhancements.
– Update and maintain existing application in PHP/laravel
– Assist with all aspects of the product lifecycle, from specifications to development.
– Collaborate on the development and finding/fixing bugs.
– Maintain your own project timelines in a fast-paced environment

– Strong programming skills in PHP.
– Mysql Database
– Clear concept of OOP
– knowledge of Laravel framework.
– E-commerce
– Strong web design skill including javascript and jquery is a bonus.
– Common sense
– Positive attitude
– Eager to learn

Job Nature: Full Time
Experience: At least 1 years or more
Salary: 20,000 or more

Other Benefits:
– Lunch Facility
– Two festival bonuses
– Yearly increment
– Good Team Environment
– Laracast premium access
– Bright Future as a PHP/Laravel Developer
– Friday weekend

PHP Graph

Cookie Testing


Simple PHP CRUD Tutorial

Download Whole Scripts

Create Operation



Read Operation


UPDATE operation



Delete Operation


One row deleted

One row deleted

PHP OOP basics


Object Oriented PHP for Beginners: Page 4