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URI Online Judge Solution | 1037 Interval

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Check there about the interval notation section…

Interval Notation

In “Interval Notation” we just write the beginning and ending numbers of the interval, and use:

  • [ ] a square bracket when we want to include the end value, or
  • ( ) a round bracket when we don’t

Like this:

Interval Notation

Example: (5, 12]

Means from 5 to 12, do not include 5, but do include 12

Wrong answer 20% code:


URI Online Judge Solution| 1036 Bhaskara’s Formula

An equation ax2 + bx + c = 0 where a,b and c are any number  and called the coefficient of the equation
It is known as quadratic equation because any seconbd degree polynomial equation is known as quadratic equation.This equation has two roots x1 and x2

This is Bhaskara’s Formula or Bhaskaracharya’s Formula where discriminant D or Del = b24ac
If D>0 then root of quadratic equation are real and unequal
If D=0 then root of quadratic equation are real and equal
If D<0 then root of quadratic equation are conjugate complex number

So my code is here


URI Online Judge Solution | 1035 Selection Test 1

Hints: Don’t forget to think that A is even so we have to use a%2==0 that’s it