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DataReader and DataAdapter and DataSet

Difference Between DataReader and DataAdapter and DataSet:

Datareader: Datareader will be the best choice where we need to show the data to the user which requires no manipulation.

DataAdapter: DataAdapter read data from the database and is used to bind the data to the DataSet because DataAdapter working as a bridge between DataSet and the DataBase.

DataSet: DataSet is best suited where there is possibility of manipulation on the data.



In this article you will learn about the Connected And Disconnected Environment in ADO.NET.


LICT Training Vids Summary

10.12.17: (This is one of the important videos)
AuthenticateLogic is very very important for project works: also the store procedure here is important



<deny users=”?”> //if it is * it means that it is open for all but ? sign means it is only for requested users

What is difference between connection string and appSettings ?

<add key=””>




LinqToSql Class

12.12.17: (This is one of the important videos)

For project works