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BigInteger in Java and C++


for c++ this link link or google search is good but i didn’t found any goood solution yet:


Simple addition:

BigInt Sum:



Hackerearth Min-Max


partially accepted code with vector:


C++ Vector push_back()…pop_back()

C++ STL in Bangla


String Refreshing

//Program to assign string and display the same

//specifiying the array string size

Assigning string character by character

//Read a string and display it

//It will not allow string

so we need gets(str)

with gets we can print line with space: Zaki Live

//simple printf

//using puts


Program to find length of a given string:

Using string related library function:

//string copy with out library function

//using strcpy library function

Concatenated String:

Using library function:



C refresh for logic development



Details about Pointer