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Some common research question must see when writing research paper.,your%20results%20magically%20discovered%20themselves.,author%20followed%20by%20et%20al.

Citing Same Research Paper Twice

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How to Find the T Critical Value in Excel


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Excel Function for finding T distribution:

What is statistics?

Statistics is the art of dealing with Data of:
a. large amounts
b. error-tagged
Statistics is divided into two parts:
16 Introductory Data Analysis – HIS
1. Descriptive statistics:
• Calculating characteristic values: mean, median, standard deviation
• Graphical representation
2. Pedictive statistics: that tries to predict facts about large populations or about manufacturing
processes from observed/ measured facts in a small (produced) sample.

Mission Machine Learning

Pagerank Algorithm Eigenvalue


Square Matrices



Geometric Interpretation




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