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Some exercises I need to use instead of others

Body Maintenance (For Fitness Lovers)

A well balanced food keep your body on the shape though you are not working out for a long time.
Suppose you are not working out regularly for 2 weeks or one month.But you want to stay in shape.
So here is the workout routine I am maintaining just now:

Nothing special: Actually I am working out now when I am free.
So in this case I mainly workout 2 days in a week or else.One day for cardio and Other for weight training…Though there is an issue I am facing now for strength also.For being not regular in actual fitness lifestyle sometimes I feel I am losing the strength which I get after weight training.

Preworkout: just like simple carbs and other protein based diets.My goal is no bulking up or shredding just to maintain the physique which I got .That’s it.

Postworkout:Sometimes Tilapia or Chicken Breast piece(depends on availability).Simple carbs and Some veggies.That’s all

My Life Chart During Ramadan

I am in the Gym just before Iftar time

For controlling weight,muscle and body shape normal I used to follow this routine during Ramadan…And Alhamdulillah I am satisfied with my daily routine in this month 🙂


For carbs:
1 plate brown rice

Green Vegetables(1 plate)

For protein:Small fish (6-8 pieces)
1 Egg white (Sometimes I eat whole boiled egg with yolk)
Date (8-10 pieces)
1 cup milk without fat (I remove cream from the milk)
Sour Yogurt (1 cup)Fruits:2 Pieces of Banana
1 Piece Malta
1 Piece Guava
1 piece CucumberWater (2.5-3 Liters)Workout Just before Iftar about 50 minutes ago [Duration 30 minute]



Water(2 Liters)
Dates (10 Pieces)
1-2 Pieces of Brown Flour Roti
1 plate Green Vegetables
Sour Yogurt (1 cup)
1 Piece Malta
1 piece Cucumber

Dinner(I try to eat just Before Tarabi) [Before 10 o’clock]:
1 Guava/1 Malta
Water 3 Liters
2 Table Spoon Isobgul

By maintaining this daily routine I have lost 2 kg’s of my body weight during Ramadan..Alhamdulillah

My food routine is like this Heavy>Medium>Light

And as a Muslim I am Proud…Alhamdulillah 🙂