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write problem in drive with ubuntu





Ubuntu Directories

php-gcm project for sending sms to any number through google cloud messaging


This is an opensource project by me and final release is version 1.0.1 till now.
First we have to create index.php for the options that will give the senders number and text box what to send to the sender and then at last the resgistration id from your mobile phone(It will be needed to use your mobile phone as messaging server.It will come from GCM app).


Now we have to create gcmtest.php it is the core part of our project.Here all the settings available that you can customize easily according to your needs.


Now when we run the script from our php backend server then it will show you the page where you will input sender number and message and click submit it will pass through your phone to google cloud messaging server and receiver will recieve a sms from your number.

You can download this whole project from my mirror server:

For testing this app you can go to:
github address for source code:

I took help from the opensource project to learn how they did the gcm passing: (In PHP) (Android SMS gateway call in Ruby)

If you liked the tutorial or face any problem don’t forget to comment in the comment section.Thanx for reading 🙂


Recover GRUB Bootloader after installing windows over UBUNTU

Check out the video it explains almost everything.One things to be added that you can install Boot Repair ISO in your USB stick through LILI and do the rest of the steps same as seen in the video.

What to do If fresh installed ubuntu does not find wifi ?

What to do If fresh installed ubuntu does not find wifi ?

I have just installed the recent 15.04 ubuntu but after installing the fresh ubuntu I didn’t find wifi

So what I did to restore my wifi

I connected my LAN cable in my laptop’s ethernet port then I opened up terminal and typed


after this command you can restart your system and get your wifi back 🙂

Ubuntu 14.04 missing Synaptics Touchpad Utility

Solution I have found by searching various websites on the net.I am sharing this with all of you now.It will also help me to findout  when i will stuck at this problem again 🙂

It’s simple .
Just do this in your ubuntu terminal :

Why happened this:
Maybe you clicked to disable the touchpad in your laptop like this:

Now showing like this :(…Where no synaptic touchpad option  in laptop.