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Functional and Non-functional Requirement Software Engineering

C# Windows Application Form







OOP Topics Need To Cover

OOP Topics Need To Cover

OOP Topics Need To Cover

Different Types of Object Diagram

Agile vs Waterfall


OOP in C#






C# Book Tips

What is the best way to learn c# ? Ebooks or those four or five hour long seminars about it?


okay thanks for the advice


I see it was about 5 months since you asked the question and might have learned it already, As for ebooks Id suggest C# 6.0 in a nutshell, compared to all the other books ive read its the best with more explanations than the other books. I think that is the key to force yourself to answer questions and do excercises and tasks. The greatest mistake people make is not writing enough code and then use all the tools of C# to make that code work, write really redundant code and forget about elegancy in the start. I would NOT learn about their store apps in depth, only to use C# and see it visually. Forget about XAML and all that stuff. Its super time consuming, complex, no compiler to help you out, the documentation is really bad. During all the time I learned I started writing a game and added features / adding more useless code to the game so that I can learn the c# syntax and features, practicing solid principles. Oh yeah, is really good,,, the microsoft documentation(I suggest learning how to read that documentation) and a few guys on youtube like kudvenkat and Jamie King helped me out alot.

AVL Tree

B+ Tree

Floyd Warshall Algorithm

Bellman Ford

It works on negative cycle.

Implemented Code:

Time Complexity: