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Prime or Not

Another easy understandable tut is in this link:


Flags in C


Swap in C

Swap in C


Triangular Number Java Code True or False

Here yo can see what is triangular number:


Problem 5 from 52 programming problems book


Problem 4 from 52 programming problems book



Problem 3 from 52 programming problems book

1st approach:

2nd approach:


Problem 1 from 52 programming problems book

Problem 2 from 52 programming problems book

I was using code blocks but it was giving me compiler error for c++11 was not on the list so i tried ideone’s compiler and got the correct result

Here is the problem solution link:

UVA Solution 11547 – Automatic Answer

Actually I was facing the problem how can make the second digit from the left that named as tens column.

So I did this algorithm.

1.First made the steps for n
2. Then made the n divided by 10 and take only the pure value no fraction
3. Then made the pure value divided with 10 as we want to find out the 10th’s coloumns
4. Then for the negative I used the absolute value builtin function.




UVA solution 11455 – Behold my quadrangle

we need to read those :

And one thing to be remebered that to be a quadrangle we have to follow this condition:
so a<=b+c+d  && b<=a+c+d && c<=b+c+d

and for square every side is same and for rectangle opposite side is same


Pattern Printing:Full pyramid in C




C problem solution:Anagrams




5*5 matrix in Javascript,Unityscript(Multidimensional Array)

My code:

//To show the array value

//To print the array


HackerRank – Simple Array Sum