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CEO of a game company goes to gym at age 54 !

What’s your excuse then  ?

Double-Blind Peer Review Guidelines

Paper Submission Guidelines

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yours or your’s – grammar

Yours is the second person possessive pronoun – it replaces “your” + noun. I can’t find my wallet, but yours is on the table. Though you may see your’s written even by native speakers, it is incorrect. Yours should never have an apostrophe.


Jack of all trade can be master of some !

[Caution: This is my own thoughts yours may vary ]

I always believe that if someone can be a master at something he/she can be master on others too ! Just like if you are good at cycling you can be good at playing guitar, violin, drums, doing problem solving, programming, gym, paintings, photography, playing with heavy weights etc.

But you should believe that Jack of all trades, master of none..So you need to focus one by one..Set goals and work out as this is your lifeline and set priority of your goals and give value to them one by one!

TOEFL Listening Practice

By Taylor Swift song – You belong with me with Subtitles

Started new journey with Machine Learning

Started my dream course from coursera machine learning course run by Andrew NG…Keep me in your prayers 🙂

Tips for writing research papers

IEEE rules for prospective authors

IEEE rules for prospective authors:

Stay focused !

Algo of love

The midnight is beautiful,
No one is there,
Nothing to miss,
Nothing to loose,
Nothing to hurt,
Only invaded love.

When soul is faded,
Time is recursive,
Nothing to hide.

It’s midnight,
Only invaded love.

Final exam is near……But don’t know why I have written this bullshit in the name of poem….Maybe for passing some times before exam.

Weiler-Atherton Clipping Algorithm