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Create subdomain in custom directory in sentora 1.0.0

In this version we can’t define the custom directory after creating a subdomain

So I followed some tricks by researching the net and used my brain to findout how can it be possible 🙂

Ok so at first I logged in the root mysql via phpmyadmin and then created a root ftp account in the sql table and have given access to my root directory of my vps ubuntu linux

and also added the subdomain directory to my custom directory in mysql sentora core table


create a DNS record for subdomain from the Sentora domain management>DNS manager


after logging in via FTP client using root username and password at /etc/sentora/configs/apache at this directory found a file named httpd-vhosts.conf downloaded this file and then changed the document root for the subdomain section on the file then uploaded in the server again and overwrite it with the old one

then just restarted the apache server..

That’s it 🙂

[Caution: Don’t forget to backup the file httpd-vhosts.conf if any error happens then the backup will be helpful in this case]

Edit php.ini file of your VPS via SSH

Use vi editor to open php5’s php.ini file at ubuntu or any debian based os:

Root login to your VPS then write the command

To save this change:

Exit without save:

Restart web server to perform the changes: