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Started Game Development with Unity 3d in this Semester

Now I am in level 3 Term 3…..Alhamdulillah…….I have a course in this semester that has also marking…So I am trying to build games for many days …Now my dreams are becoming true….I am developing games also 😀

Sir game me a assignment that Roll- A -Ball with unity3d but now I am almost noob in unity but will try to hard to make this assignment based project complete.

I believe start small think big…So I am trying….Pray for me that I can succeed

Software Engineer from Google visited today in our Daffodil University

Software Engineer from google name Arne Mauser visited today in our Daffodil University and described us about the searching algorithm behind google translator…Passed a nice evening with this event 🙂1888573_867054319982531_8873425142609605661_n
Event name was Enriching open source and local content : future ahead by GDG Bangla and Daffodil International University
event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/940329556000929/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming