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TH spelling and pronounciation


Programming Motivation!


Length of a input string

Another method:

With while loop:




Uppercase to Lowercase

Lowercase to Uppercase

Uppercase to Lowercase

another method:




Area of Circle using function

for formula:


We have to always remember that value that define is always pass from main function to customized function named by user so here r=3 is passing to function britto and then the britto formula pi*r*r is applying and returned the value and it is printed in the main function where the variable defined as khetrofol.

Here pi declared as global variable with it’s value.

Find Maximum and Minimum and Summation value from array

Did this problem from subeen vai’s book.

For maximum value:

For minimum value:



Will give here



Windows 7 laptop randomly freezes

My laptop was randomly freezing.So After  a lot of hassle I have found that  Nvidia graphics driver is the criminal for this situation.May be my laptop hangs for this randomly or bios could not find the real driver to make companion with the Nvidia PhysX GPU.

And another cause I have found that my old version adobe master collection CS 6 also making deadlocking situation

First clean install windows then update it fully.Then install driver one by one that is needed.Then install software you need and keep records.If anything harms for you then uninstall this soft after a hard restart if it is freezed thatt time.Or you can make login to ubuntu if it is installed in your pc then delete those files are hampering your work.And work perfectly in windows

Now everything is fine.Alhamdulillah