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Never Quit Part 2

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My journey through 2017

My journey through 2017:

  • Passed my dream subject CSE in 4 years by keeping a decent CGPA, thesis, extra curriculur, research papers, hackathons, project fair, ACM contests, math olympiad without any fail/retake in undergraduate
  • Did 1.5 years research thesis based on ML
  • Took some undergraduate classes
  • Got the graduation convocation cap
  • Done TA ship successfully
  • Solved 250+ more ACM type algorithmic problems after graduation
  • Submitted data mining paper and rejected 2 times from IEEE
  • Found that there is no job in BD industry for CSE researchers all are developing jobs except teaching career.
  • Moved to PHP based platform
  • Some failed interview for Software Engineering position
  • Got job at April 1 as a software engineer for 3.5 years just after practicing 20 days laravel framework ; there condition was so strict though! :/
  • unfortunately missed it
  • Found the condition of PHP jobs in the BD job market though I loved it since my childhood 🙁
  • Switched to C#/.NET
  • Enrolled professional training outside of university curriculum for the first time through LICT+BCC scholarship
  • Got one semester temporary fulltime Lecturer position from an reputed university after passing 3-4 types of interview including written tests.
  • Seen everyone got the Lecturer job in FB page before Eid, I thought I am not selected and no chances, then I focused in C# training but one day got the call from HR unfortunately missed it for not understanding the HR tones of saying while I was sleeping after whole night coding the  C# homework. Missed it 🙁
  • Attended BUET exam for the first time and failed :/
  • Got decent merit position in JU with 3 hr preparation for MSc
  • Got sick for the first time for jaundice
  • Attended some govt. job exam and found this is maybe not for me
  • published my technical blog with everyone in facebook after 7 years
  • My blog got hacked after 4 years
  • Recovered successfully in 10 minutes! :p
  • Learned about people, met with lots of positive and negative people, Learned some terms loyal,disloyal,fake from the real life
  • Searched someone special for myself
  • To be continued.
  • I am happy with my life and I have both failure and some success stories in 2017 which I didn’t share before. I am exploring my life. I am happy with it. Allah knows better where I am going in coming years. Please keep me in your prayers. 🙂

Goals in Success Hack

LICT .NET Training | Kamal Protap Sir | Part 3

09/11/2017 vids


Automatic Property:


Lambda Expression with FUNC:

Some logics:

Lambda using Function:

Multicast Delegates:

A delegate instance holding the multiple method at a time is multicast delegate.
But the rule is that all the method must be altered because all method in a single instance they remain present. Multiple reference method at a  time.

Anonymous Method:
Unnamed function. In the bracket we are writing the logic. Unnamed method we are writing the logic. Unanmed method.


The same AnonymousMethod work can be done in a single line with this lambda operation:

=> This is known as goes to operator and it is similar to AnonymousMethod()

Linq also using lambda not only Delegate


Func is a readymade function where the first data type is for input and the second one is for output. It does not need any delegate to declare.

Action does not support any return type:







EducationUSA Video




COmputer Vision


Never Quit

DataReader and DataAdapter and DataSet

Difference Between DataReader and DataAdapter and DataSet:

Datareader: Datareader will be the best choice where we need to show the data to the user which requires no manipulation.

DataAdapter: DataAdapter read data from the database and is used to bind the data to the DataSet because DataAdapter working as a bridge between DataSet and the DataBase.

DataSet: DataSet is best suited where there is possibility of manipulation on the data.



In this article you will learn about the Connected And Disconnected Environment in ADO.NET.


Word Embeddings

Never Quit Part 3


চেস্টা ক রে হেরে যাওয়াতে লজ্জার কিছু নাই…লজ্জা তো তারাই পাবে যারা চেস্টা ক রতে ভয় পায়


যারা চেষ্টা করে না, অন্যদেরকেও টেনে নিচে নামিয়ে রাখতে চায়, ওদের কথায় কান দেবেন না।

Networking with People!