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HackerEarth: Batman and Tick-tack-toe

This is a basic implementaation problem but need to think critically and I used editorial + previous solved code to understand the logic



Hackerearth: COUNT NUMBERS



Hackerearth: Fredo and Game




Hackerearth: Little Jhool and psychic powers


another solution of mine:



Hackerearth: Complete the Syllabus

Copied the code from someone’s solutions:

code from editorial:


Hackerearth – Jarvis and Numbers

code i have understand for last 6 hours:
problem statement was little bit clumsy but understood atlast:

accepted code took help from editorial:

official editorial:


Codeforces: A. Next Round

My code: didn’t passed all testcase:

Then looked out the solution but din’t understand one thing but implemented my own: