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What is this keyword in OOP

What is “this”?

You may have noticed something slightly strange in our methods. Look at this one for example:

You are probably wondering what “this” is. The this keyword refers to the current object the code is being written inside — so in this case this is equivalent to person.

JavaScript OOP Paradigm Clear


Event Listeners andGetters in JavaScript




JS Arrow Function


OOP in JavaScript

Machine Learning Library for JavaScript

JavaScript Codes

Js Infinity Code:

toString() methods in JavaScript

toString() methd also convert number to string

var x=9.656;
x.toExponential(2); //returns 9.66+0
x.toExponential(4); //returns 9.6560e+0
x.toExponential(6);//returns 9.656000e+0

var x=9.656;
x.toFixed(0); //returns 10
x.toFixed((4); //returns 9.66
x.toFixed(6); //returns 9.656000


var x=9.656
NaN=”Not a Number” value




//Sort the  elements of the array alphabetically


Js Run in Console and Array Sort;

JavaScript learning also good site:


JavaScript can change styles


where to put codes



Mission Node.js


Node_js also I am practicing from here.


Node.Js code to url parse:


Finished till now.


5*5 matrix in Javascript,Unityscript(Multidimensional Array)

My code:

//To show the array value

//To print the array